New Music This Week: December 15, 2014


New Library Alert: Boost FX

boostAs the holidays ramp up, we’re trotting out a brand new sound effects library to tide you over with your hot toddies. Boost FX comes from our friends at Atomica and features 2800 sound effect and sound design elements across 25 albums. Instead of daily updates, we’re releasing the whole library today – explore and enjoy!


NOTE: There will be no updates next week as we enjoy the holidays with our families. From the team at Alpha to yours, have a happy and safe holiday (and feel free to playlist any of our thousands of holiday tracks to provide the soundtrack for your own holiday cheer!)

New Music This Week: October 27, 2014


New Library Alert: HOT LATIN TRACKS from Latin Music Specialists

latin music specialists

hot latinWe’re pleased to announce the arrival of one of the best Latin music libraries available, the aptly-named Hot Music Tracks from Latin Music Specialists. In this 27 album collection you’ll find the most complete and authentic collection of Latin production music available today, and the HLT catalog continues to expand.

Not a Latin station? No worries – check out the HLT3000 collection for some innovative Latin-infused rock, urban and EDM. Check out Hot Latin Tracks here.


Monday, October 27

chill hop

Hip Hop – Chill Hop. Cool, modern Hip Hop beats. Loads of mixouts.

solo jazz guitar

Solo Jazz Guitar. Swanky and energetic solo lines; finger style with attitude.

pro beatz 1

Urban: Pro Beatz Vol. 1. Aggressive West Coast hip hop.


Adventure Series: Fable. Robust rock drama with an epic feel.

haunted mansions

Haunted Mansions. Boo!

Tuesday, October 28

slife guiate

Legendary Slide Guitar. Lots of lively country, from dirty blues to zydeco to bluegrass.

crunch rock

Unscripted: Crunch Rock. Badass hard rock – metal to grunge.

french house 2

French House 2. Chic and sexy French House and Nu Disco. Runway oriented EDM.

impact promos

Impact Promos. Gritty and huge impact cues for attention stealing, dramatic promos.

big bang 4

R&B 4. Sultry and sexy R&B tracks.

big bang 4

R&B (Classic) 2. Motown lives in this collection of energetic cues.

Wednesday, October 29

clean and acoustic

Clean and Acoustic. Great collection of light and upbeat retail tracks.

devil 3

Devil in the Garage! Funk and Western Vol. 3. Rock, country and a taste of funk.

percussion concussion

Percussion Concussion. Bombastic bone crushers, intimidating rhythms.

edm mix up

EDM Mix Up. An epic collection of electronic dance music to ignite any party.

west coast 2

West Coast Hip Hop Vol. 2. Partying hip-hop to intense street beats.

Thursday, October 30

get happy

Get Happy. Light, upbeat pop tracks, some with vocals.

digital euphoria

Electronic Series – Digital Euphoria. Propelling electonic beats.

rocktrax 3

Rock & Blues: Rocktrax Vol. 3. 90s flavored hard rock.


Cinematic Romance. Inspirational and warm orchestral tracks.

Friday, October 31

dance floor fillers

Dance Floor Fillers. Dance tracks from edgy underground electronica to polished dance pop anthems.

trap city 2

Trap City Southern Hip Hop Vol. 2. Mid tempo quirky trap beats. Lots of hypnotic percussion and strong synth lines.


Latin: Mariachi. Classic authentic Mariachi, festive and positive.

smooth jazz 1

Jazz: Smooth Jazz – Vol. 1. Smooth, contemporary jazz, romantic and sensual.

New Music This Week: September 8, 2014


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Production)

xmasStarting this week, we’ll be trotting out a lot of new Christmas stuff to get you folks prepared for fourth quarter craziness as well as our usual daily updates (and by a lot, we mean a LOT). More to come next week…


Monday, September 8

emotional drama

Emotional Drama Vol. 5. Reflective and introspective drama tracks.

xmas stings

Stings – Christmas Set. Elegant :30s and :15s Christmas pieces.

swing revival

Swing Revival. Big Band retro stylings; smooth, suave and delicious.

anthemic indie

Rock – Anthemic Indie. Uplifting indie hipster rock.

anthemic indie

Rock – Anthemic Indie – Holiday Mixes. Holiday versions of the previous album.

big bang

Country 2. Dynamic and energetic country.

Tuesday, September 9

engage mechanism

Engage Mechanism. Epic rock drama, tense and engaging.

pop rock xmas

Pop Rock Christmas Vol. 1. Cheerful original holiday tunes.

ambient dance

Ambient Dance. Pulsating and infectious euro beats.

action trailer

Action Trailer 1. Cinematic and aggressive themes. Go big or go home.

metallic impacts

FX: Metallic Impacts. More distorted sound design elements.

big bang

Adult Contemporary 2. Light and breezy themes, instrumentals and vocal versions.

Wednesday, September 10


Christmas 1. Christmas!

xmas 2

Christmas 2. More Christmas!

xmas 3

Christmas 3. You get the idea…


Smile. Positive, playful and carefree.


Goes Up To 11. Oh yeah – hard as nails!

big bang

R&B 2. Melodic and funky R&B.


Thursday, September 11

electro warm

Warm – Electro Warm. Upbeat and welcoming electronica.

home holidays

Home For The Holidays. Original tunes and fresh takes on some holiday favorites!

classical celebration

Classical Celebration. Versions of well-known classical themes.

db country

Country and Bluegrass 3. Lots of juicy foot-stomping jams.

big bang

Dance-Techno 2. Electronic dance floor mayhem.

Friday, September 12

epic music

Epic Music LA. A variety of genres here, from funk to rock to light retail.

mazel tov

Mazel Tov. Hard to find Klezmer themes.

magic circus

The Magic Circus. Madcap circus themes – might have some fun here for the political season.

pulsing tension

Pulsing Tension Beds. Dark and dangerous – the clock is ticking.

big bang

Holiday 2. Traditional and original holiday themes. Lots to listen to here!

New Music This Week: September 2, 2014


Okay, so it’s New Music Tuesday – Happy Labor Day!


Alpha Welcomes the Sound Ideas SFX Catalog to the service!

sound ideasSound Ideas, one of the most popular and best known sound effects library in the world, has joined Alpha Music Libraries with over 102,000 sound effects in 64 libraries. For years, Sound Ideas has set the standard for sound effects recording. In addition to thousands and thousands of SFX, you’ll find a wealth of production elements such as transitions, whooshes, zips, sweeps and logo IDs. Give them a listen here.


Since adding Sound Ideas to our already robust collection of SFX and Sound Design elements with BBC, Sonopedia, Blastwave, Bing Bang Boom, Soundrangers and others (that’s over 200,000 SFX, folks), we decided it was time to give SFX its own filterable category list. You’ll find it in the filter rail just under the music Category filter – check it out. Use it as an idea generator or just a way to drill down to find the exact sound you’re looking for!


Tuesday, September 2


Electronic 4: Industrial. Hypnotic synth dance themes.

bass grooves

Bass Grooves. Laid back, cool chill grooves.

rock pop

Rock / Pop Instrumentals 3. Lively party rock.


’90s. Upbeat, fun 90s in a variety of styles.

northern europe

Sounds of Northern Europe. Didn’t know Northern Europe had a sound? Neither did we.

Wednesday, September 3

rusty dusty

Rusty Dusty Nasty. Country Rock. Blues Rock. Rockabilly. Nuff said.


Dubstep Vol. 6. Dubstep and Dancehall combine on this infectious album.

crime drama

Crime Drama Vol. 4. Grim, griity and tense. You are running out of time…

warm stomps

Warm Stomps and Claps. Highly usable and friendly tracks with lots of claps and stomps.

warm stomps

Warm Stomps and Claps – Holiday Mixes. Holiday versions of the the previous album.

Thursday, September 4

future garage

Electronic – Future Garage. Euro electronica, futuristic and dark.

dance club

Dance Club. Rhythmic house and fashion beats. Highly catchy.


Jazzy. Old fashion jazz piano. Tinkling ivories and small ensembles.

brazil united

Brazil United. Vibrant and diverse Brazilian themes. Some vocals.

docu middle east

Docu: Middle East. Middle East influenced tracks, drama, conflict and tension.

brazilian percussion

Brazilian Percussion. A comprehensive collection of Brazilian percussion tracks, some with accompanying instruments.

celtic folk

Celtic Folk. Traditional folk music from Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Friday, September 5

acoustic journeys

Acoustic Journeys Vol. 4. Nice variety of acoustic themes.

rock medium

Rock Medium. Driving and determined classic rockers.


Around Harmonica. Harmonica-led romps through comedy, jazz and feel good themes


Purgatoria: Thriller, Horror and Suspense. Atmospheric, ominous, creepy and disturbing. Here comes Halloween.

chill out

Chill Out Vol. 1. Mellow, laid-back and jazzy.

New Music This Week: July 21, 2014


New Library Alert: Transistion Music Corporation

tmcAlpha Music Libraries is pleased to welcome  Transition Music Corporation to its burgeoning portfolio of top music libraries. TMC has generated over 95,000 performances in film, TV, commercials, games, internet and webisodes over the past year. They’ve built a boutique library of terrific tracks and songs – each selected for their quality and uniqueness – created by composers and artists who would not typically “sell” to a library.  In addtion, Transition adds another 2400+ everyday sound effects to AML’s already bulging SFX collection. Give them a listen here for music and here for SFX and see what you think!


Ridiculous Amount of Updates Alert. As of now, in addition to constantly releasing new libraries to Alpha, we’ll be releasing 5 new albums a day! That’s over 100 album releases a month, sports fans. So, exactly how does Alpha stack up against your typical music library service?


Any questions?


Monday, July 21

guitar beds

Guitar Beds. From Beatclock Music, some light and happy guitar themes to set the mood.

phat beats 5

Phat Beats 5. Some trippy hip-hop, mostly quirky and positive. Fun Stuff

indie dance

Indie Dance Music. From MPM’s Live Trax collection, some synth-laden club and hypnotic uptempo IDM.


Cinematic India. There’s some catchy Bollywood stuff here; really different.

clubtronic 5

Clubtronic 5. Fast-paced aggressive EDM from Graffiti Music.

Tuesday, July 22


Chillwave. From All Sorts, a shimmering soundscape of stylish electronica (hey, that’s what the liner notes say).

acoustic pop

Acoustic Pop Jam. Upbeat and active rhythmic jams on acoustic guitar| bass| drums and organ.

indie rock 7

Rock – Indie Rock 7. Alibi pounds out some indie garage band rock. It’s good – really good!


Colorful Italy. Repeat after me: “You cannot have too much Italian restaurant music. You cannot have too much Italian restaurant music…”

classic blues

Classic Blues. From Addictive Tracks, this is real, old-timey, old-guy-on-the-front-complaining-about-his-dog blues. The real deal.

Wednesday, July 23


Situations For Sax. Smooth jazz with sax leads, sexy and confident.

latin lounge

Latin Lounge. From Alibi, latin lounge in a variety of beats and tempos.

latin remixed

Latin Lounge Remixed. Electronica versions of Latin Lounge. Hip.


Trap & Hip Hop Beats Vol. 3. Action-oriented Hip Hop with some moody and mysterious themes.

sports slam

Sports Slam. From Atomica, some bold action tracks for that extreme punch. Rock, electronica, dub – big wall of sound.

Thursday, July 24

disdco funk

Disco Funk Soul. Pounding, punchy and funky disco.

electro pop 1

Electronic – Electro Pop 1. Happy, bouncing, dancing electronica/pop.

funky breaks

Funky Breaks. A funky assortment of retro funk grooves for advertising.

action adventure

Action Adventure. Cinematic, orchestral suspense themes.

thrash punk

Thrash Punk Metal, Vol. 1. Hostile, anti-social and angry thrash metal. Let’s run over Justin Bieber with a truck.

Friday, July 25

swagger rock 2

Rock – Swagger Rock 2. Upbeat, confident and smirking rock. From Alibi.


Heroes. Epic orchestral scores and stings.

celtic america

World Beats 8 – Celtic America. Traditional Irish melodies.

celtic harmony

World Beats 9 – Celtic Harmony. Upbeat Irish themes.

celtic revival

World Beats 10 – Celtic Revival. Okay, enough with the Irish albums already (hey, they were a set).

New Music This Week: June 23, 2014


For last week’s releases, click here.
Up this week: another new library and over 4,000 new tracks added to Alpha Music Libraries!

New Library Alert: Sonic Librarian

sonicSonic Librarian is a hot library of over 90 albums. Founded in 2003, SL has plenty of contemporary sounds as well as a handy collection of theatrical-grade sound design elements. SL music has been heard by millions of listeners and boasts a staff of 20 versatile composers specializing in a vast array of styles including funk, blues, rock, metal, techno, hip-hop, symphonic and orchestral.  There’s some fun stuff here: take a look at Montage Worthy Piano Thingies and I Got Yer Sports Package… Right Here.  Click here to check it out.


In addition to introducing Sonic Librarian, we’d thought we’d highlight some of the sound design elements available in this new library.

Monday, June 23

acoustic americana

Vol 26 Acoustic Americana. Positive, upbeat acoustic country rock.

woofer dubstep

Vol 74 Woofer-Blasting Dub Step. With a title like that, we had to highlight it. Edgy electronica.

pop rocks

Vol 75 Pop Rocks With Soda. Action-oriented rock with a punk flair.


Hits. Lots of sound design impacts.


Tuesday, June 24

top down

Vol 70 Top Down And Drivin. Summer cruisin’, roadhouse country.


Kitsch – Euro Cool (ALIBI225). The guys from Alibi score with these retro summer-splashed cool themes.

reality tension

Reality Tension Volume 07. It says tension, I think negative campaign ads.


Swooshes/Risers. Some more sound design elements, with tense orchestral risers.


Wednesday, June 25

rock the campus

Vol 54 Rock The Campus. Happy college rock, bringing back memories of stale beer and red plastic cups.

adrenaline junkie

Adrenaline Junkie. High energy sports rock with an electric feel.

solo drums

PT 020_Solo Drums 1. Something a little different, nothing but naked drum tracks in a variety of rhythms and musical styles.


Drones – Pads – Beds. More sound design drones.



Thursday, June 26


Eurodance Pop Volume 03. Infectious Euro EDM with lots of mixouts and variations.

bloosey funkinstuff

Vol 1 Bloosey Funkinstuff. Retro 70s-style funk. Positive and groovy.


SMX 228_World/Ethnic/International Vol 08. Lots of exotic world rhythms, from the jungles to the islands and deserts.


Intros. Dramatic sound design entrances.

Friday, June 27

dirty south hip hop

Vol 35 Dirty South Hip Hop. Raunchy gangsta hip hop, varied from the intense to the upbeat.

brazilian job

The Brazilian Job. Lots of energetic and passionate samba.

clubtronic 4

GT 050_Clubtronic 4. More hypnotic EDM from the guys at Graffiti Tracks.

hit and drones

Vol 17 Hits and Drones. Dark, evil and intense sound design.


Featured Album/Playlist of the Week

commercial cuts
Commercial Cuts: Generic Advertiser Jingles.

Here’s something you didn’t expect: buried in the massive 5 Alarm Music catalog is a library called Mediatracks. Lots of great retail beds here, but also a great collection of generic advertiser jingles. Many tracks have a sung slogan as well as a plain music bed. Give them a shot for client demos and presentations – you never know. You can see the whole Commercial Cuts collection in the Generic Advertiser Jingle playlist here. And check out the Christmas cuts as well!


Don’t Forget: Check out the Events tab for Holiday Playlists.

Just a reminder that we stay on top of upcoming holidays and highlight stuff for your convenience. Right now we have a bunch of patriotic stuff for the 4th of July and a collection of organ baseball beds. Let us know if there’s anything you’re looking for.





New Music This Week: June 16, 2014


Hi, folks. We’re going to try something new here. Instead of looking back at the previous week’s releases, New Music Mondays is now going to give you a peek at what’s scheduled to be trotted out each week on Alpha.

First up, yet another library joins the Alpha Music Libraries bandwagon…

New Library Alert: DBMP

DBMPThe DBMP Music Library was created by composer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Beyer after his work on dozens of television shows. The catalog of music for radio, TV and advertising was created to fill a niche for underscoring and promos for which production companies were continually asking.

DBMP is conveniently divided into 2 libraries, MOMENTOUS – Television, and PERCEIVE – Advertising. MOMENTOUS has some great beds for radio, including some great rock albums. PERCEIVE is whole lot of catchy hooks and memorable riffs. All in all, both libraries are great for retail, with lots of mixouts and cutdowns. Check DBMP out here.


Monday, June 16

lock it down

Lock It Down: Infectious Club and Dance. Fast partying EDM.


Deathlock: Competition Rock and Metal. Looking for a nice, quiet, laidback album? This ain’t it.


Push: Neutral Grooves. Upbeat, funky urban riffs. Nice for retail.

Tuesday, June 17

down home

Down Home: Country and Blues. Lots of roadhouse country stylings.


Hip-Hop/ Rap/ R&B Vol 08. Engaging urban ranging from aggressive hip-hop to chill grooves.


Hecho En Mexico: Modern and Traditional Styles. Instrumentals and vocals, both contemporary and traditional Mexican themes.

Wednesday, June 18


Attitude: Powerful Rock. Hard-hitting rock with, you know, attitude. Tasty!

dark drama perc

Dark Drama: Percussion. Thunderous theatrical sound design: give your subwoofer a workout.


Homes and Gardens. Great lifestyle themes in a range of styles. Nice for retail.

Thursday, June 19


Top of the World: Upbeat Rock Hooks. Fun and positive rock to brighten your day.

big folk 3

Big Folk 3: Themes and Beds. Contemporary folk rock and folk pop instrumentals with that extra something; from sweeping strings to boisterous brass.

jazz 3

Jazz 3: Smooth Jazz. Seductive and romantic interludes.

Friday, June 20


Sports Vol. 4. Epic and powerful sports orchestral themes.


Whimsy: Comedy, Fun, Sneaky. Playful and silly, also has some nice midway theme for summer carnivals.

Rock / Pop ( Instrumentals ) 2. More “raw” material from the Down Boys gang, straight from the Duck Dynasty editing booth.

Featured Album of the Week

Every week we’ll dive into the massive Alpha catalog and showcase some unique albums that you might have missed: the weird, the wild and the different. Try this on for size:

smashtraxSmashtrax 211- Practicing, Rehearsals and Bad Musicians 1

And you thought AML was all about GREAT music, huh? This album is funny as hell, featuring some of the most inept playing possible by the worst garage band in the universe. What will you use this for? Use your imagination, but tuck this one aside in case the time comes and you’ll know it’s here. Click here to check it out.

Don’t Forget – We Take Requests

Not seeing what your station needs? Just use the Contact Us tab lower right in the Alpha site and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll be glad to steer you in the right direction or let you know what we have coming up that might suit your needs.

New Music This Week: May 5, 2014


New Library Alert: Cinematic Tunes

Cinematic Tunes joins AML with over 200 albums and close to 4000 tracks. Don’t let the name fool you; Cinematic Tunes is radio-usable full-purpose library with a tremendous variety of current Urban and Hip-Hop, along with a great selection of Rock and EDM as well. No cutdowns, but easily edited to time. Definitely give this one a listen!



Here’s 15 Albums that were added to the AML collection just last week:

deep fried south

Deep Fried South

brazilian sports

Brazilian Sports

big bang urban

Urban Hip-Hop

acoustic 8

Acoustic 8



hick hop

Hick Hop

hip fun funky

Hip, Fun & Funky

viva brasil contemporary

Viva Brasil Contemporary



master percussion 1

Master Percussion 1

machine soul

Machine Soul

dramatic hip hop

Dramatic Hip Hop Vol. 1

dance party dubstep

Dance Party Madness – Dubstep


Cornucopia of Kitsch

electronic v 1

Electronic Vol. 1


New Music This Week: April 21, 2014


addictive 1New Library Alert: Addictive Tracks

We’re pleased to welcome Addictive Tracks to the Alpha Library family. This European library starts with 60 albums featuring lots of real instruments – perfect for retail beds. All Addictive Tracks have a variety of cutdowns, mixouts and stems for maximum production flexibility.

New Album Releases

Here’s what was added to AML, just last week:

warm 6

Warm 6

easy listening 2

Easy Listening 2

piano conversations

Modern Piano Conversations

phat beats

Phat Beats Vol. 04

trap music

Trap Music

swagger rock

Swagger Rock 2

man v guitar

Man V Guitar!

epic builds

Epic Builds and Action Vol 3



minimal house

Minimal House