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Sample Rate 48000 to 44100 converter (BETA)

For single tracks, not multiple zip files, the Sample Rate Converter (BETA) is now available.  Here’s how to proceed.

Click the download button on the track you select. Scroll down to SELECT FORMAT

Choose Format MP3 / WAV from the drop-down

Choose 44100 Sample Rate from the drop-down 

(Example) selected MP3 and 44100, and click save.

Download the MP3 or WAV file to your desktop or choose a folder you want the audio to appear. Each time you choose this option, the setting you SAVED will appear until you change it.

The Sample Rate Converter is in BETA mode, please let us know if you have any questions.

You can download the original WAV and MP3 files as before. 


 AI-Generated Playlists Are HERE

Meet Your New AI-Powered Playlist-Creating Sidekick

Meet Your New AI-Powered Playlist-Creating Sidekick

It’s here! Our brand new AI Playlist Generator is now available on the left side of every SourceAudio site in the playlist area! Just click the “︎NEW AI PLAYLIST” button to get started! Make new playlists instantly, generate new playlist artwork, and add more music to your existing playlists instantly — all powered by AI. 

︎Revolutionize Music Discovery with AI Playlists

Our proprietary tech and method goes beyond search and leverages natural language, AI metadata, and AI Sonic Search together to produce outsized results that will blow you away! You, and your team, can now instantly generate perfectly-curated playlists with just a simple text prompt.

Here are some examples you can play with to get a feel for this new game-changing capability:

“Upbeat songs for spring break promos”

“Powerful Rock Songs for a car show ad”

“High-energy hip-hop beats for a March Madness promo”

“Inspiring songs for a retirement commercial”

“Brazilian daytime beach party vibes” 

Want to add more songs to your existing playlists?
Our AI Playlist Generator does that too! Just click the “︎ADD SIMILAR TRACKS” button that now appears at the bottom of ANY playlist on your site and our AI will instantly add 10 more songs based on the existing song(s) that are already included in the playlist. Your manually generated playlists just got a giant boost too!

Start prompting and making new playlists today!
Now go give the new AI Playlist Generator a spin for yourself… we had a ton of fun playing with it during testing, and we can’t wait to hear how it speeds up and optimizes your music curation, discovery, and more!


SourceAudio AI Search / Sonic Search v3.0, find-audio-with-audio similarity search, is LIVE now!

We are thrilled to announce that the world’s most advanced audio sample similarity search tool is available now across the platform! Sonic Search v3.0 — developed fully in-house with proprietary technology — is changing the way music can be discovered. Give it a try for yourself!  

1) External Audio: Drop An Audio File Or YouTube, Soundcloud, Etc. Link Into Your Global Search Bar, And Sonic Search Will Recognize It’s An Audio-Based Search And Take It From There

2) Audio Already On SourceAudio: Click The “☰” Icon On Any Song Line Listing, Then Click “Similar Tracks” And Receive Sonically Similar Results Instantly.


This Week’s Featured Updates: July 31st, 2023


Monday July 31st, 2023

Modern Country

Sports Rock

Summer Breeze

Radio Pop Xmas II


Daytime TV Funk

Tuesday August 1st, 2023

Hi-Octane V 1

Pop Fest

Game Time V 2

Brighter Days

Slapstick Jazz

Horror Sound Design

Wednesday August 2nd, 2023

Swag To The Bone

80’s Vocal FM

Haunted House Party

Ultimate Force

Everyday Beds & Beats V 5

Hip Hop Dramedy V 8

Thursday August 3rd, 2023

Angels & Demons

Lucky Day Pop

Reckless Skate Punk

Terror Tunes

Retail Madness

Pop Christmas Classics

Friday August 4th, 2023

Essential EDM

Now I Rise

Take Your Shot

Pop Inspiration

America’s Back Roads

Diners & Dives

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This Week’s Featured Updates: July 24th, 2023


Monday July 24th, 2023

80’s Dance

Sleaze Rock

Christmas Rock

Directors Cuts

Playful 2

Cool Promo Rap

Tuesday July 25th, 2023

Stadium Rock 2

Lo-Fi Chill 3

Vocal Pop Hits

Party Hop Worldwide

Reggaeton Sports

Magical Fantasy Adventure Trailer

Wednesday July 26th, 2023

Fashion Forward

Country Pop

Classic Disco

PC Christmas Jazz

California Pop Rock

Fearless ALT Hip Hop

Thursday July 27th, 2023

Soul Pop

Beat Moxie


Orchestral Beats

Funky, Go Go, Dance

Marching Band

Friday July 28th, 2023

Big Action Hip Hop

Pop Promos

Acoustic Tuff Tasking

Church Of The Streets

Sun & Shine – Indie Hope

The Magic Of Christmas

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