Introducing ARTEMIS 1.0 – AI-Powered Conversational Track Searches

New Feature Release: ARTEMIS 1.0 AI-Powered Conversational Track Searches

We’re incredibly excited to announce the release of our new AI-powered track request and search tool: ARTEMIS 1.0 (ARTificial Engine for Music Intelligence and Search.)

Click the AI logo on the right end of your library site’s search bar, and ask ARTEMIS for any kind of track just like you’re asking a real person. Mention reference tracks, relevant scenarios, feelings, genres, or whatever you need!

ARTEMIS starts you off with “I want…” and you fill in the rest. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of prompts you can use:
I want…
…a song that sounds like Happy by Pharell
…a song that is inspired by the movie Star Wars
…a song that exemplifies the Brazilian bossa nova genre
…a song that features the violin
…a song that is similar to Radiohead’s music style
…a song that sounds like The Great Gatsby movie soundtrack
…a song that sounds like a top-rated hip-hop track
…a song that is appropriate for a house party
…a song that is inspired by love
…a song that is suitable for working out with an upbeat tempo

The AI powering your searches knows nearly every aspect of recorded history, including but not limited to songs, movies, and TV shows, and it leverages it all to bring you the very best, most hyper-accurate search results for your request—and save you valuable time too!

With a world-class natural language model, ARTEMIS conversational AI track searches are far and away the best search tool available anywhere for production directors, imaging gurus, creative directors, show producers, your sales team, and anyone using Alpha Libraries on your station.

And this is just the beginning! Keep an eye out for more exciting AI application releases from SourceAudio.


Adobe Audition Extension

Our new integration with Audition makes it faster and easier than ever for editors to get music from Alpha Libraries / SourceAudio into their workflow.  Questions email Steve@SourceAudio.com or call Steve Wall 206-661-5551

See the panel in action and get the extension here https://www.sourceaudio.com/2021/07/sourceaudio-adobe-audition-extension/


Tips and Tricks: Advanced Search Capabilities Are Now Available


Try These New Techniques to Find the Music You’re Looking For Faster Than Ever

Fast and accurate searching is absolutely core to any music library, and with a catalog the size of Alpha’s it’s more important than ever. With that in mind we are always working on innovating and making our platform more powerful than ever. We have just launched a handful of new search capabilities that you can begin using immediately. This gives everyone 7 different, powerful, and easy-to-use search methods to use when finding tracks on the Alpha Music Library site. Here they are:

1. “AND” searches (default): By default when you type in more than 1 term you’re running an “AND” search. The terms are additive and you’ll get more precise results as you add more terms.

2. “OR” searches: To run an “OR” search, simply include “OR” between multiple terms like this: “upbeat OR happy”.

3. Negative searches: To exclude a specific term from your search results set include a hyphen (“-“)  before that term in your query. For example, if you want to look for something upbeat without drums, you’d type this: “upbeat -drums”.

4. Active browsing: We know metadata keywords are often subjective. Something you consistently call “upbeat” could be referred to consistently as “happy” by another person. To solve this we created our new active browsing feature. Now when you scan any search results page you’ll notice that all of the keywords are clickable. As you click the terms you’d like to explore further they instantly appear in your search field above, slowly building a new “AND” query as you add more search words. Try clicking on some keywords in the description field, it’s great!

5. Column/field searches: This one is great. To narrow your search to within a single column (field) simply type the column/field name followed by a colon and the keyword you’re looking for. For example if you want to find all tracks that have a mood of “upbeat”, you would type this into your search field: “mood: upbeat”. This works for all fields too so if you need to quickly find a specific track or artist it works great for that as well.

6. Phrase searching: If you need to find a specific phrase or string of keywords in a particular order just include quotes around your search terms. For example, if you’re looking for the song “Happy Birthday” you could search for “happy birthday to you” and you’ll only see results that have that exact string of keywords in their metadata.

7. Sonic Search: This one isn’t new but it’s worth mentioning as part of an overall search update. Find music with music with our proprietary signal processing search technology. Whether you need to find an exact match on a file or you’re looking for something that sounds similar to a song you have in mind, Sonic Search can handle it all for you.

We know you all have your go-to methods for searching and hopefully these new enhancements will give you more tools to help you find what you’re looking for faster!

And remember, you can save your searches with “Save Search” feature to run them as often as you need!


New Feature: Nested/Alt Zip File Downloads

nestedNow you  have the option to download all related stems/alt mixes for a track when alt mixes are present and available. The download experience is the same as it was before, but you now have the option to download the single file or all related files at once. Just click on the download icon and select the nested tracks option – it’s that simple.

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