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Station Testimonials

“Alpha Libraries is an amazing upgrade! BIG !! The beds are fresh, current, and exactly what we were looking for. At first it was a little overwhelming because there is so much to content to choose from… But with our six station cluster, we are now getting so much more variety that you will never hear a producer pick the same bed! With Alpha, If you can’t find what you are looking for …then you will never find it! It’s nice to be on the cutting edge of production… Alpha Libraries = LOVE IT !!”

Lucy St. James

Dir. of Production, iHM Philadelphia

“Alpha is untouchable, hundreds of thousands of beds, tons of sound effects, and sound design too. While they continue adding tons of new beds! Alpha is generous, up to date, evolving, a pleasure! The best, Alpha rocks!

Scott Webb

Production Director, CBS Radio Miami | 99.9 KISS Country WKIS-FM, Power 96 WPOW-FM, 560 WQAM

“I’ve worked with a great many production music libraries over 20 years. Each time I’ve made an upgrade, it has been substantial. This is not to say the libraries I’ve proudly been associated with are inferior; quite the contrary. With that said, the depth and breadth of this library seems to be bottomless. It’s a one-stop easy shopping experience in the hyper-rapid world of the modern production guy. My team and I have but merely scratched the surface, and we likey.

Jason Dildine

Director of Production, Entercom Seattle | KISW-FM, The Wolf KKWF-FM, Hot 103.7 KHPT-FM, The End KNDD–FM

”Our radio cluster recently got started on this journey and it looks like it’s going to be an adventure! Not your traditional audio archive but a living, breathing, growing resource. More versatile and cutting edge.

Kevin Powell

Production Director, Cox Media Group | Miami WHQT-FM, WEDR-FM, WFLC-FM, WFEZ–FM

”We recently moved into a brand-new facility, so we thought it was the perfect time to upgrade our production music. After comparing multiple libraries, we quickly realized that Alpha Libraries was far and away the best choice. Everything is online, so there are no CDs to scratch or hard drives to worry about. The multiple search options help us quickly find the music and sound effects that ‘feel’ right. With new music being released every week, you’ll never run out of options. And the barter amount was more than reasonable, which keeps our Business Manager happy. If your cluster is searching for a music library that will make your competitors’ Sales staff cry, get in touch with Alpha Libraries… NOW!

Chuck Edwards

Production Director, Alpha Media Biloxi-Gulfport | WXYK-FM, WQBB-FM, WCPR-FM, WGBL–FM

”What we create between the songs on our stations is what gives us the edge. Alpha Libraries has taken our stations in Honolulu to the next level in sound production. From creating sizzling imaging packages for our stations to selecting tracks for promos and commercials. I haven’t seen anything else that even comes close or compares. The music that Alpha has assembled from all the different artists and libraries included is what we needed to produce the stations and increase listeners and ROI for our advertisers. I’ve always enjoyed being on the cutting edge with my stations and with Alpha Libraries on my team you can hear the advantage. This is the production library my staff can’t live without!

Jamie Hyatt

Ops Mgr/Dir of Programming, iHM Honolulu | KSSK-FM, KDNN-FM, KUCD-FM, KHJZ-FM, KHVH-AM, KIKI-AM

”Working with Steve Wall and Alpha Libraries has been great. Our crew loves the vast library, and our production has never sounded better!

Cindy Wear

Townsquare Media, St. Cloud

”I LOVE your music service. I always thought our previous library was the best. However, after using Alpha for a couple of months I was a convert. Alpha Rocks! I think the overall sound of your music is better, the variety is better, and the web interface is better (much better!).”

Jim McKenna

Creative Director, iHM Washington, D.C. | 97.1 WASH-FM

“I LOVE using Alpha Music Libraries!!
I’ve had it for quite a while now and I would NEVER consider using anything else. It is hands down the freshest, deepest, and best organized music, sfx, and production imaging library that exists in the world of audio production today. Since we’ve started using it, our commercials not only sound better, but I find that I write and produce much more interesting and creative commercials and promos because of the freedom that this library gives me.”

Ripley Johnson

Contituity Director – Mel Wheeler, Inc / Wheeler Broadcasting

“Elvis always wants the best and that’s what we give to him. Alpha Libraries has taken our imaging and production to the next level. The fact that I feel we were already pretty close to the top in both those areas just goes to show how comprehensive this library actually is!”


Nate Marino

Producer, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show