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“Whatever type of music or production element we need, we find it with Alpha Libraries. Whatever our clientele request, we find easily with Alpha. They have us covered with all genres & elements for all of our formats and podcasts. Alpha Libraries for Radio is exclusively what we use at iHeartRadio San Francisco Production for our commercial production.”

Pete Azarnoosh

Director of Production @ iHeartMedia, SF + Imaging Director 106.1 KMEL/98.1 The Breeze/iHeart 80’s @ 103-7, SF
“I’ve been in radio forever, and I’ve seen many production music libraries. Some of them are very good. But Alpha Libraries for Radio is beyond good. It’s not just A library. It’s a library of libraries. It is THE best and biggest production music library I have ever used. You’re like a kid walking into the neighborhood candy store. But as soon as you open the door, you realize you’ve walked into a huge warehouse, no the manufacturing plant, where every single candy ever conceived is available to you. You know that scene in Harry Potter? When they walk into the little pup tent. But after they enter, it’s like a hotel suite. That’s what Alpha Libraries is like. And the library keeps getting bigger. Oh, and it also comes with a suite of sound effect libraries. That’s a cool bonus. Bottom line: if you’re not using Alpha Libraries for Radio, you’re not using the best library out there.”

Michael T

94.7 KUMU Production Director/PMG Honolulu
“I haven’t come across an audio library so extensive as Alpha Libraries. Navigating thru the site is a producers dream, type in what you’re looking for and Alpha Libraries pulls up exactly or close to what you’re looking for! Overall, Alpha Libraries is a time saver, especially when I’m producing spots that need a quick turnaround for a client and I don’t have time to search all over the internet for a music bed or sound effect, Alpha Libraries for Radio has it!”

Jason Martin

Production Cox Media Group Miami
“Alpha Libraries have the most robust, high quality, unique and interesting production library available. Combine that with an awesome search engine and ease of use and you’ll never go anywhere else.”

John Ostlund

Partner, One Putt Broadcasting
“I’ve been Production Director at our 4-station group for 20 years now, and Alpha Libraries for Radio is by far the most user-friendly and deep library. When you work in production, you need a music bed, and you need it NOW. The search feature works great and you can narrow down what length, tempo, etc…that you want and download it quickly! Most of the time, I can find a music bed in a under a minutes time, that’s awesome! The library is also very deep with a great variety of all genres. I would definitely recommend Alpha Libraries for Radio!”

Shawn McKenna

Production Diretor KCRR, KKHQ,KOEL-FM,KOEL AM Townsquare Media – Waterloo IA
“We are always looking for new ways to stay fresh and on top of our imaging for our formats. With Alpha Libraries the amount of content at our fingertips to do just that is absolutely astounding. Love it!”

Travis Kroeger

Director of Production Kroeger Media Inc. HANK/DUKE & BOB Formats
“Alpha Libraries for Radio has been a game-changer. There’s no sacrificing quality for quantity and the site interface makes finding the right track super easy. The existing tracks combined with the 6 new albums every day means our producers never run out of fresh material for their creative productions. We’re incredibly happy with Alpha.”

Matt Haeger

National Production Director, Entercom Corporate
“With Alpha libraries the possibilities are endless….It’s a producer’s wet dream…. Can I say that?”

Lucas Kroeger

Director of Creative Kroeger Media Inc. HANK/DUKE & BOB Formats
“Alpha Libraries for Radio are a must have for your station unless you are okay with being mediocre. As the Creative Director of the Number 1 Sports Radio Station in the World, I know the importance of not settling for less than exceptional. WFAN is the Home of the Yankees and the NY Giants and Alpha is part of our winning Team.”

Zachary Taylor Martin

Creative Director / Entercom – WFAN NYC.
“Alpha Libraries for Radio is an incredible tool for imaging & production. For specific types of beds to the perfect promo bed, it’s super easy to search and find tons of options for whatever project I’m working on. Alpha Libraries has such an enormous library of music, it’s great for any type of imaging. From 97.1 AMP Radio to imaging our newest digital channels like Channel Q…..Alpha is the key resource for production.”

Jake Kaplan

Operations / Creative Director / Programming, 97.1 AMP Radio / Channel Q / FireLane / Entercom Los Angeles
“Talk about custom…Alpha Libraries helped us fix a Podcast problem with a first-of-its-kind solution! Us broadcasters do business a certain way, and Alpha speaks broadcaster in a digital dialect. 5 star Amazon rating from me…”

Dan Weir

Director of Digital Assets Amaturo Sonoma Media Group
”I LOVE your music service. I always thought our previous library was the best. However, after using Alpha Libraries for Radio for a couple of months I was a convert. Alpha Rocks! I think the overall sound of your music is better, the variety is better, and the web interface is better (much better!).”…”Years later I still feel exactly the same. Hands down the absolute best in the business.”

Jim McKenna

Creative Director, iHM Washington, D.C. | 97.1 WASH-FM
“I’ve been doing this a long time and Alpha is by far the most incredible production tool I’ve ever heard”

Johnny Boswell

Owner, Boswell Media
“I have almost 20 years in the radio industry and Alpha Libraries is my all time favorite music library. It is the most comprehensive music library I’ve ever used. I love the search features. I’m really able to narrow down just what I’m looking for. If I can’t find it, they are quick to help. Having it completely digital makes working remotely a breeze. No matter where I’m working from, I have access to millions of music beds, imaging elements and sound effects. They get my highest recommendation. I won’t use anything else!”

Kendra Raines

Production Director Townsquare Twin Falls, ID / Pollack Broadcasting, Kennett, MO
“Music selection has always been the absolute most tedious and time-consuming part of any production project, often wasting hours culling through a dated CD library to find just the right beds. Alpha Libraries for Radio has simplified and streamlined the process beautifully with their massive collection of music and SFX literally at my fingertips. Spots and promos are completed much faster now, thanks to Alpha Libraries.”

Johnny “Stockton” Milford

KSTN AM/FMT Stockton, CA
“Elvis always wants the best and that’s what we give to him. Alpha Libraries has taken our imaging and production to the next level.
The fact that I feel we were already pretty close to the top in both those areas just goes to show how comprehensive this library actually is!”

Nate Marino

Producer, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
“I started on a sonic journey of discovery with Alpha Music Libraries 5 years ago. To say that “after all this time” we’ve barely scratched the surface, is a fact. They constantly add new libraries and sound design, and that keeps my ears buzzing. When I started down the road of audio production and sound design 26 years ago, we had “a smattering” of a CD Library to work with. Times have indeed changed. The depth and volume of music and effects in this library are like the stars dotting the heavens, and I’m not even close to being done exploring it. I’ve said it before and it remains true to this day, it’s the best production library in existence.”

Jason Dildine

Director of Production, Entercom Seattle | KISW-FM, The Wolf KKWF-FM, Hot 103.7 KHPT-FM, The End KNDD–FM
“Alpha Libraries for Radio has unmatched selection with constant additions. Plenty of mix-outs, long versions and pre-edited lengths to give everyone and everything a signature cut. Deep genres for spots, scoring a podcast, or a morning show bit. With Alpha Libraries you can do it all in several styles. Ethnic, cartoon, reality show, whatever you dream up because it’s all there and keeps going. Imaging and trailer FX plus multiple SFX libraries are in Alpha too. Keeps you creative. Turns a search result into a massive list of options, all without switching pages.”

Scott Webb

Scotty Webb Creations. (former Production Director CBS/Entercom Miami) Advertising and Production
”What we create between the songs on our stations is what gives us the edge.
Alpha Libraries for Radio has taken our stations in Honolulu to the next level in sound production.
From creating sizzling imaging packages for our stations to selecting tracks for promos and commercials. I haven’t seen anything else that even comes close or compares. The music that Alpha has assembled from all the different artists and libraries included is what we needed to produce the stations and increase listeners and ROI for our advertisers. I’ve always enjoyed being on the cutting edge with my stations
and with Alpha Libraries on my team you can hear the advantage. This is the production library my staff can’t live without!“

Jamie Hyatt

Sr VP of Programming / Honolulu at iHeartMedia
“How do I want the promo or commercial to feel is the first question I ask myself before producing. One of the greatest things about Alpha Libraries for Radio is I can literally type in the feeling I am looking for and in and instant have 100’s of tracks (if not more) to choose from. All top quality, all special, and all one of a kind. I’ve worked with many libraries over my 20 years in radio, and Alpha Libraries is and always will be my number one pick. You will love it.”

James Steele

FM 101.9 Orlando WQMP-FM Imaging Dir. / Afternoons
“With the amount of produced things we do at One Putt Broadcasting, from spots, promos, reads, or anything that can help us in a highly competitive marketplace, Alpha Libraries for Radio gives us that edge we need to produce and execute, both for clients and the sound of our 7 radio stations.”

Jason Squires

Director of Programming + On-Air KFRR – New Rock 104.1 + 99.3 NOW FM
“Alpha Libraries for Radio is the most comprehensive music and SFX library we have ever used. Tracks are added weekly. The SFX section includes Voice Clips of people saying different things and one of our sales people used clips from that category to create almost an entire ad and it won a broadcast award. I can search for a style or mood of music and usually find what I’m looking for within the first 5 tracks that populate.”

Karla Brown

Townsquare Media Sioux Falls KXRB AM / KYBB FM / KXRB FM / KKLS FM / KMXC FM / ESPN / KIKN FM / KSOO AM
“UNPAID ENDORSEMENT: I’ve been doing production for 50 years (really!). Thousands of spots & programs. ALPHA Libraries is the best I have ever used. I use it every day and love it. ps- Steve – please don’t raise the rates just because I said that.”

Ken Sutherland

“Alpha Libraries is an amazing upgrade! BIG !! The beds are fresh, current, and exactly what we were looking for. At first it was a little overwhelming because there is so much content to choose from… But with our six station cluster, we are now getting so much more variety that you will never hear a producer pick the same bed! With Alpha, If you can’t find what you are looking for …then you will never find it! It’s nice to be on the cutting edge of production… Alpha Libraries = LOVE IT !!”

Lucy St. James

Dir. of Production, iHM Philadelphia
“I LOVE using Alpha Libraries for Radio!! I’ve had it for quite a while now and I would NEVER consider using anything else. It is hands down the freshest, deepest, and best organized music, sfx, and production imaging library that exists in the world of audio production today. From the time that I started using it, MY CREATIVITY WENT THROUGH THE ROOF because of the freedom and inspiration that I get from Alpha Libraries. In a world where ‘content is king’ you have to have the best music, the best, sound effects, and the best audio quality. This library gives me and my clients a huge advantage in a very crowded marketplace.”

Ripley Johnson

Professional Voice Over Artist, Multimedia Creative Specialist, and Voice Over Industry Coach / Mentor

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