New Music This Week: September 8, 2014


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Production)

xmasStarting this week, we’ll be trotting out a lot of new Christmas stuff to get you folks prepared for fourth quarter craziness as well as our usual daily updates (and by a lot, we mean a LOT). More to come next week…


Monday, September 8

emotional drama

Emotional Drama Vol. 5. Reflective and introspective drama tracks.

xmas stings

Stings – Christmas Set. Elegant :30s and :15s Christmas pieces.

swing revival

Swing Revival. Big Band retro stylings; smooth, suave and delicious.

anthemic indie

Rock – Anthemic Indie. Uplifting indie hipster rock.

anthemic indie

Rock – Anthemic Indie – Holiday Mixes. Holiday versions of the previous album.

big bang

Country 2. Dynamic and energetic country.

Tuesday, September 9

engage mechanism

Engage Mechanism. Epic rock drama, tense and engaging.

pop rock xmas

Pop Rock Christmas Vol. 1. Cheerful original holiday tunes.

ambient dance

Ambient Dance. Pulsating and infectious euro beats.

action trailer

Action Trailer 1. Cinematic and aggressive themes. Go big or go home.

metallic impacts

FX: Metallic Impacts. More distorted sound design elements.

big bang

Adult Contemporary 2. Light and breezy themes, instrumentals and vocal versions.

Wednesday, September 10


Christmas 1. Christmas!

xmas 2

Christmas 2. More Christmas!

xmas 3

Christmas 3. You get the idea…


Smile. Positive, playful and carefree.


Goes Up To 11. Oh yeah – hard as nails!

big bang

R&B 2. Melodic and funky R&B.


Thursday, September 11

electro warm

Warm – Electro Warm. Upbeat and welcoming electronica.

home holidays

Home For The Holidays. Original tunes and fresh takes on some holiday favorites!

classical celebration

Classical Celebration. Versions of well-known classical themes.

db country

Country and Bluegrass 3. Lots of juicy foot-stomping jams.

big bang

Dance-Techno 2. Electronic dance floor mayhem.

Friday, September 12

epic music

Epic Music LA. A variety of genres here, from funk to rock to light retail.

mazel tov

Mazel Tov. Hard to find Klezmer themes.

magic circus

The Magic Circus. Madcap circus themes – might have some fun here for the political season.

pulsing tension

Pulsing Tension Beds. Dark and dangerous – the clock is ticking.

big bang

Holiday 2. Traditional and original holiday themes. Lots to listen to here!

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