This Week’s Featured Updates: April 20, 2015



Monday, April 20

positive indie

Positive & Inspiring Indie. Positive and feel-good indie guitar based riffs with lush strings, upbeat drums.

world colors

World Colors. World instrumentals from around the globe.

funky breakbeats

Electronic 3: Funky Breakbeats. Mix of breakbeat and future jazz; cool, funky, sexy.

electro glitch

Electro Glitch Vol. 1. Driving, energetic electro house.

crime drama

Crime Drama. Rhythmic and tense suspense themes.


Tuesday, April 21

young rebels

Fast Young Rebels. Raw, authentic and rebellious tracks with fast guitars, driving drums and plenty of attitude.

urban tales

Urban Tales. Contemporary, hard-edged and gritty urban drama moods.

cheerful folk 2

Cheerful Folk Vol. 2. Uplifting, heartwarming, fun and emotional, good ole fashioned folk.

tv news

TV Screen 3: News. Dramatic and Tense News related cues featuring Programmed Drums, Strings and Hybric Orchestral elements.

modern jazz

Modern Jazz Improvisations. Jazz instrumentals, confident and sassy.


Wednesday, April 22

quirky stories

Quirky Little Stories. Quirky, cute and whimsical ditties, all with a light and positive mood.

dub pop

Dub Pop. Swirling, entrancing dubstep and pop street electronica.

latin inspiration

Latin Inspiration. Passionate and sexy tracks from south of the border.

hip hop tension 2

Hip Hop Tension 2. Dark-edged melodies with hip-hop beats.

pop 5

Pop 5. Positive and determined pop tracks in variety of styles.


Thursday, April 23

pool party

Pool Party. Full on euphoric EDM, electro house, banging psytrance & sunny nu-disco anthems.

alt rock 1

Alternative Rock Vol. 1. Lively alternative rock featuring melodic guitar lines and grooving band.

gospel hip hop

Gospel Hip Hop Vol. 1. Something different: Funk jubilation, hip-hop praise and organ-driven soul.


Symmetry. Minimal beats and abstract sounds weave together the fabric of “Symmetry”.


World Music / Renaissance. Got a Renn Faire nearby this summer? Here’s the soundtrack.


Friday, April 24

classical guitar

Classical Guitar Works. Classical guitar arrangements of famous classical works.

big screen heroes

Big Screen Heroes. Epic cinematic themes for action, adventure, war and politics.

urban grit

Urban Grit. Gritty hip hop and rap instrumentals, old school to fresh beats.


Science and Technology. Rhythmic beds for scientific, medical and technological applications.

country stingers 1

Country Stingers 1. Authentic Country stings, endings and transitions.

country stingers 2

Country Stingers 2. More Country stings, endings and transitions.


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