This Week’s Featured Updates: April 13, 2015



Monday, April 13

dirty rock

Dirty Rock and Blues. Down and dirty, sexy sleazy…southern rock n roll.


King & Queens. Regal, posh and stately chamber orchestra cues and fanfares.


Science and Communication. Infectious rhythms invoke high technology.

trap metal

Trap Metal Smack Down. Aggressive hip hop/trap combined with raunchy metal guitars.

floor fillers

Floor Fillers 2. High energy tunes and euphoric club bangers.


Tuesday, April 14

edm 2

EDM Vol. 2. Partying, spring break and/or a wild night on the town.

happy harry

Happy Harry. Upbeat, positive tracks with edits – perfect for retail.

indie folk

Indie Folk Rock 1: Positive. Bright and catchy cues, invigorating and uplifting.


Pop (Instrumentals). Engaging pop rock tunes.

orch comedy

Orchestral Comedy Vol. 1. Silly and goofy orchestral comedy tracks.


Wednesday, April 15

indie collective

The Indie Collective 2. Fun alternative rock cues. Lots of swagger and energy.


Quiet Confidence. Positive, soft and gentle themes for a wide variety of lifestyle spots.

hip hop 1

Hip Hop Vol. 1. Swaggering hip hop grooves, instrumental and vocal versions.

r&b 6

R&B 6. Lots of funk and nighttime R&B goodness.

drama tension 3

Drama – Tension 3. Dramatic and suspenseful cues.


Thursday, April 16

simply acoustic guitar

Simply Acoustic Guitar. Pure acoustic guitar moods and sentimental breaks.

life stories

Life Stories. Simple yet carefree piano-based themes. Uplifting and evocative.

neo soul

Neo Soul. Seductive R&B grooves; after hours never felt so good.

dez 7

Dez And Panauh Hip Hop Tracks Volume Seven. Sports-based hip-hop and street beats.

electronic metal

Electronic Metal Vol. 1. In-you-face rockin’ metal with electronic elements for a cool hybrid sound.


Friday, April 17

smooth minimals

Smooth Minimals 4. Minimal Beds, Maximum Impact, Multiple Edits.

uplifitng stories 2

Uplifting Stories 2. Inspirational tracks full of hopes and dreams.

acoustic rock

Acoustic Rock. Solid acoustic rock tracks with a flavor of Americana.

phat beats 7

Phat Beats 7. Urban drama tracks to good-time quirky beats.

spag western

Spaghetti Western And Desert Music Volume One. Clint Eastwood, call your office.


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