This Week’s Featured Updates: May 4, 2015



Monday, May 4

electro jazz funk

Electro Jazz Funk Vol. 1. Fun, Confident and Cool Midtempo Jazz/Funk Rock.

hybrid minds

Hybrid Minds. Let the beats and melodies take your mind on a musical journey.

short stuff 1

Short Stuff #1: The Quirky Side of Life. Quirky, Light-hearted and Energetic Tracks in Commercial Lengths.


Roadtrip. Motivational rock for those blue sky moments.

bb country

Country 4. Heartwarming folk and country in a variety of styles.

Tuesday, May 5

comedic groove

Comedic Groove. A musical batch of comedic orchestral.

8 bit

8-Bit Deluxe. Old skool and new skool video game music.

70s rock

70s Soft Rock Story. Bold and Dreamy Classic Rock and Soft Rock cues.

short stuff 2

Short Stuff #2: Good Times. Wholesome Fun and a Triumphant Spirit in Commercial Lengths.


Neon. Cutting edge dancefloor fillers to wave your glo-sticks at.

Wednesday, May 6

short stuff 3

Short Stuff #3: Emotions. The Gamut of Emotion in Commercial Lengths

guitar spirtit

Guitar Spirit. Adrenaline, Cool and Smooth Fist Pumping Guitar-based Rock.

electric skies

Electric Skies. Epic, motivational rock & pop anthems.

country bluegrass

Country & Bluegrass (instrumentals) 5. Downhome pickin’ and grinnin’.

urban city

Urban City Beats. Hard-hitting and cool urban instrumentals.

Thursday, May 7


Funtastic Vol. 1. Comic craziness and zany slapstick meet kooky quirkiness.

post rock

Post Rock. Atmospheric and poetic post rock themes. Spacey and introspective.

dirty digital

Dirty Digital. Pulsating, glitchy and rebellious pop fantasies for electro youth.

quirky hip hop

Quirky Hip Hop Vol. 3. Hip Hop street beats with a comedic feel.

modern orch

Modern Orchestral 1: Tension and Suspense. Dark and urgent.

Friday, May 8

audio pie

Who Ate All The Audio Pie? sexy 80’s synthpop & leftfield hip hop to indie punk.


SPORTS-Competition, Motors and Extreme Sports. Pretty much says it all.


Focused Determination. Haunting intros that build to massive strong endings. Dramatic and slightly dark


Jazz. A jazz pick ‘n mix: from retro finger clicks to smooth ballads.

dirty beats

Dirty Beats 2. Underground, Urban, Banging Beats!

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