New Music This Week: January 19, 2015



Monday, January 19

taiko drums

Taiko Stomps and Claps. Thundering rhythms in the Japanese Taiko tradition. Cool!

southern simplicity

Southern Simplicity. Simple and uncomplicated country-styled underscores.


Rap. Hot Hip Hot beats, R n B, Electronica & Eurodance. The real thing.

tensuon and suspense

Tension & Suspense 1. Orchestral/electronic hybrid tracks.

hyper sonic

Hyper Sonic. Aggressive EDM, electro house, dubstep.

Tuesday, January 20

nursery rhymes

Nursery Rhymes Remixed. Rock and pop versions of classic kiddie tunes.

acoustic pop 2

Acoustic Pop Vol. 2. Acoustic gems in radio friendly, positive pop form.


EDM (Electro Pop). Sizzling electronic and dubstep dance tunes.

socially driven

Socially Driven. Playful and uplifting themes, great for retail.

solo piano 6

Solo Piano 6. Graceful and poignant solo piano themes.

Wednesday, January 21

urban pop

Urban Pop Vol. 4. Sensual and funky hip-hop grooves and urban pop themes.

string sensations

String Sensations. Classic British elegance meets vibrant and dynamic pastoral themes

rocktrax 10

Rock & Blues: RockTrax Vol. 10. Feisty, retro hard rock and aggressive metal.

minimal hip hop

Minimal Hip Hop. Light, compulsive urban street beats.

nothing but spots

Nothing But Spot Vol. 2. 30 second tracks aimed at retail.

Thursday, January 22

bluegrass 1

Bluegrass Vol. 1. Happy and fun traditional Bluegrass cues with folk influences.


Circus. Get your big top on with these calliope-driven themes.

hot rod surf city

Hot Rod Surf City. Surf, Rockabilly and retro inspired music. Groovy!

inspire higher

Inspire to Go Higher Vol. 1. Inspiring and soaring themes.

pop rock

Cinematic Pop Rock. Uplifting, building rock cues with live strings and euphoric choruses.

Friday, January 23

smooth jazz guitar

Smooth Jazz Guitar. A suave & sophisticated happy hour treat.

mischeif 3

Sound Like Mischief Vol. 3. More playful and comedic tracks. Tongue in cheek.

simple swooshes

FX: Simple Swooshes. More sweeeping sound design elements from Alibi.

blues 5

Blues (Instruments) 5. More backwoods boogie, straight from Duck Dynasty.

epic hybrid

Epic Hybrid. Dramatic action with lots of hits.

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