New Music This Week: January 12, 2015



Monday, January 12


Pop – Cheerleader Pop. Shake yer pom-poms! Peppy, bouncy and fun.


Latino Caribbean. Hot & sexy compilation of Latin styles throughout the Carribbean.

country 1

Country Vol. 1. Honky Tonk Country and Spaghetti Western cues.

rock light 7

Rock Light Contemporary 7. Relaxed and reflective light rock.

mystery enigma

Mystery Series – Enigma. Riddles and secrets consume the mind in these mystifying cues.

Tuesday, January 13

funk 1

Funk 1: Eclectic. Fun funk with a 70s and 80s retro groove feel.

kill fiction

Kill Fiction. Quentin Tarantino, call your office. Your soundtrack is here.

political ad toolkit

Political Ad Toolkit. Because, in politics, it’s never too early to start the next campaign…

chart topping urban

Off The Charts: Chart Topping Urban. Instrumental and vocal versions of today’s urban sound.

travel 2

Sounds Like Travel 2. Atmospheric and exotic world cues.

Wednesday, January 14

heart of america

Heart of America. Well known tunes, blues, country and patriotic themes.

alt rock 1

Alt Rock 1. Rockin’, Confident and Bold Rock and Roll with an Attitude and upbeat tempo

pop 4

Pop 4. Upbeat and enthusiastic pop themes; light-hearted and fun.

prime time drama

Prime Time Drama Beds. Urgent and bombastic rhythms and orchestra.

hip hop 9

Hip Hop Shop Vol. 9. More rhythmic street beats.

Thursday, January 15

groove generation

Groove Generation. Infectious, groovy, cool and fun retro-flavored tunes


Playful Pizzicato Strings. Sneaky, playful dramedy; innocent and friendly.

cinematic action stingers

Cinematic Action Stingers 1. Cinematic stingers for bumpers, transitions, ins and outs.

dream weaver

Dream Weaver. Dreamy and delicious cues. Magical.

rocktrax 9

Rock & Blues: RockTrax Vol. 9. Rock, rock and more rock – metal to indie.


Friday, January 16

garage rock 1

Garage Rock 1. Fun and confident garage rock with attitude.


Believe. Inspiring, uplifting, emotive guitar tracks. Think sports and winning.

rock pop 4

Rock / Pop (Instrumentals) 4. Lively natural rock with classic indie feel.


Honour and Retribution. Themes of conflict and loyalty.

rocktronica 4

Eclectic Electronica: Rocktronica Vol. 4. Rock-based electronica for sports and technology.

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