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big ideaWe’re pleased to add to your production palette Big Idea Music, a terrific library based in Seattle that has found success in British radio and TV. When asked to describe itself, Big Idea says: “At its core Big Idea Music is a quartet of Seattle-based gentlemen sharing mutual affinity for exceptional añejo tequilas, German engineering, Mexican beach sand, an improv gig on a Wednesday night, finely crafted boots, face cakes and making music.

“The last 10+ years have seen the Big Idea team providing specialized musical content for top British broadcasters throughout radio and television with a legacy of excellence, innovation and professionalism.”

Big Idea features a ridiculous amount of mix outs, stems and edits for pretty much all of their tracks. Also, one of the cool things BIM provides is a tremendous collection of news themes of all shapes and sizes. Think that traffic bed is getting a little stale? Try some of these out: Big Idea Music News Albums.

We’ll be featuring albums from Big Idea Music all week. Give them a listen – we think you’ll be pleased!


Monday, January 26

adrenaline rock

Adrenaline Rock. Powerful rock anthems ranging from testosterone fueled beat downs, southern inspired party riffs and a few feel good tunes for good measure.

vintage hollywood

Vintage Hollywood Scores. A musical journey back in time to the golden era of Hollywood. Orchestral & period anthems for comedy, sci-fi, adventure with pirates & cowboys mixed in for good measure. Includes underscores, 60 & 30 second edits and stems.


EDM. Full spectrum of EDM tracks including DnB, Dubstep, Moombahton, Glitch Hop, Dub and more. Dark & edgy tracks for serious types and euphoric, uplifting tracks to make you feel better about your dance moves or lack there of. Includes underscores, 60, 30 and stem mixes.

news 1

Ultimate News 1. Two complete suites featuring energy packaged info sequences for news, travel, sports, weather and entertainment.

life is good

Life Is Good. An aural testament to the fact that life is indeed, amazing. Simple, organic feel good tracks that know how soar and make anything alright. Great for caring commercial spots or anywhere needing a little pick me up. Includes underscores, 60, 30, 15, 10, stings and stem mixes.

Tuesday, January 27

soul baby

Soul Baby, Yeah! A time machine to the beginnings of soul and the golden days of Motown. Features tracks with live rhythm and brass sections recorded at Seattle’s famed Studio X.

sexy auto

Sexy Automotiv. Big, cinematic and emotional scores with an electronic twist create a collection ideal for unique and inspiring automotive advertising and other unique commercial use.

indie folk

Indie Folk Anthems. Authentic, melodic and feelgood folk-pop anthems that will make you want to stop shaving and wear tweed jackets. Includes 60 & 30 second edits, underscores and stings.

hearts on fire

Hearts On Fire. A big, bright, colorful collection of youthful, synth driven indie jams that convey a sense of young love, optimism & excitement. Perfect for anything needing contemporary positivity or a young, hipster vibe. Includes underscores, 60, 30, 15, 10 second edits & stems.

mordern news 1

Modern News 1. Fast, modern news and information scores designed for local, national and morning show news. Features tags and stagers with exact broadcast lengths.

Wednesday, January 28

dirty blues

Dirty Indie Blues. Raw guitars, riffs and loudness round out this collection of indie blues rock, alternative and grunge rock that would be right at home in a stadium or selling trucks.

pop dance

Pop/Dance 1. Big, powerful dance with uber-pop melodies that elevate and bring feelings of elation. From driving fist-pumpers to feelgood synth pop.

10 seconds

Gone In 10 Seconds. 100 cues of varying styles and intensities for your promos, transitions, credits and anywhere else you only have 10 seconds to tell the world, all in tidy 10 second broadcast lengths.

simple living

Simple Living. Simple, clean and uplifting melodies that are safe for all ages. Perfect for feelgood spots and summertime glee. Includes underscores, 60 & 30 second and sting edits.

news 2

Ultimate News 2. Two complete suites featuring energy packaged info sequences for news, travel, sports, weather and entertainment.

Thursday, January 29

uplifting indie

Uplifting Indie. Indie rock that uplifts and inspires. Strings, piano, acoustic & kid-friendly guitar come together to make you feel good.

urban dance

Urban Dance Club. A sleek selection of dance and club tracks that range from fast and furious to smooth and silky. Features Hip Hop, Dance and R&B styles.

chop shop 1

Chop Shop 1. A riff heavy collection of classic, southern and blues rock that pairs well with hot rods, exhaust fumes and dive bars with exact broadcast lengths.

news 3

Ultimate News 3. News beds geared for CHR radio and general news use. Includes two suites, 30/60 second mixes, stagers and logos.


Sports. High energy, beat driven but with a rock edge. These 7 tracks will take any sports or high action spot to the next level.

Friday, January 30


RnB + DnB. A range of American Hip Hop and R&B with Euro-flavored Jungle and Drum ‘N Bass


Indie Chillwave. A varied collection of chilled indie post rock, shoegaze and a few electronic beat-based tracks. Perfect for when you need power or emotion without the speed.

robot pop

Ridiculous Robot Pop. Short circuited, robot pop dance party. Vintage, lo-fi beats and classic retro 8-bit jams with a modern spin for cartoons or quirky needs. Includes underscores, 60, 30 and stem mixes.

modern news 2

Modern News 2. Fast, modern news and information scores designed for local, national and morning show news. Features tags and stagers with exact broadcast lengths.

indie anthems

Inspiring Indie Anthems. Soaring, emotional indie and post-rock anthems that will make you want to climb mountains, break barriers or at least feel better. Includes 60, 30, underscores and stem mixes.

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