New Music This Week: September 29, 2014



Monday, September 29

dirt road

The Dirt Road Collection – v. 1. Lots of country and southern rock.

surf 1

Surf 1. Good, driving, authentic surf rock.

string quartet

String Quartet. A diverse collection of string quartet in a variety of classical, traditional and modern styles

big bang

Soundtrack (Horror/Scary) 2. ‘Cause it’s that time of year…

dirty south hip hop

Dirty South Hip Hop Vol. 1. Dramatic urban cuts.

Tuesday, September 30

tension bass hits 2

FX: Tension Bass Hits 2. Mysterious sub sound design elements.

southern comfort

Southern Comfort. Homestyle, country fare.

dance pop

Progressive Dance Pop. Energetic dance beats blended with Pop flavors. Progressive and engaging.

hollywood blockbusters

Hollywood Blockbusters 2. Classic film and TV theme tributes, with epic brass and cinematic orchestration.

corporate rock 7

Corporate 7 Rock. Upbeat rock grooves.

Wednesday, October 1

west coast hip hop

West Coast Hip Hop Vol. 1. Funky West Coast vibes.

reality gameshow 2

Reality Gameshow 2. Dramatic gameshow themes. Great for contests.

dramaspheres urban

Dramaspheres Vol. 2: Urban. Dramatic Atmospheres with Urban beatz and influences

latin music

Latin Music for TV and Film. A variety of Latin themes, some with vocals.

rock beds 2

Underscores: Rock Beds 2 Minimal Rock cues with a sturdy backbone. Unobtrusive while maintaining a sturdy and powerful feel.

Thursday, October 2

reality circus tasking

Reality Circus – Tasking. Emotionally neutral tracks for light activity.

indian pictures

Indian Pictures. World Music, Ethnic, Travel.

cocktail hour

Cocktail Hour. 100 classic and timeless cocktail Jazz pieces. With multiple versions.

drama promo

Drama/Promo. Orchestral flavored dramatic scores.

db country

Blues (Instrumentals) 4. More downhome country blues.

Friday, October 3

good times

Good Times. Bright and optimistic pop rock.

big bang

Rock (Pop) 2. Huge collection of upbeat pop rock.

acoustic guitar bibes

Acoustic Guitar Vibes. Acoustic themes, great for commercials.

corporate chill

Corporate 6 Chill. Relaxing yet somewhat driving corporate themes.

light tension

Light Tension. Light, subtle tension and suspense for moments of anticipation, expectation and pressure

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