New Music This Week: October 6, 2014


New Library Alert: Catapult Music and Elekt Music

catapultCourtesy of our friends at Atomica Music, this week we’re pleased to introduce you to Catapult Music and Elekt Music.

Catapult Music is the exciting collaboration of two highly experienced TV/Film composers, Matt Hirt ( U.S. ) and Martin Haene ( Switzerland ).  Together they create a unique approach to production music. You’ll find a tasty variety of all musical genres here, from aggressive rock to electonica to bluesy country. Catapult is a heavily retail-oriented library, so most tracks feature cutdowns as well as alternate mixes.

elektElekt Music is a small EDM-centric library. Atomica calls it “the authoritative catalog for dance and electronica music from the US, the UK and the world.”

We’ll be featuring albums from Catapult and Elekt all week. Check them out!


Monday, October 6

acoustic pop

Acoustic Pop. Acoustic pop themes in a wide varity of tempos and moods.

latin stew

Latin Stew. Latin music in a wide variety of styles ranging from hot to cool.

high octane

High Octane Rock. High energy rock themes for applications requiring a high shreddage factor.


Reality Circus – Winners. Positive sports rock cues for happy endings and victory celebrations.

deep house

Deep House. Contagious house beats with smooth textures with a touch of soul.

Tuesday, October 7

red white

Red, White and Blues. Blues and country rock tracks in a wide variety of tempos, moods, and production styles.

current affairs

New Information Current Affairs. News music in a wide variety of styles and ranging from beds to full themes.

armchair traveler

Armchair Traveler. Authentic, traditional style ethnic themes from around the world. Great for retail applications.

upbeat piano

Upbeat Piano. Positive, retail-centric piano led themes in various tempos and feels.


Trance. A hurried and hypnotic disconnect from the world. Euphoric Trance.

Wednesday, October 8


Strictly Rhythm. Rhythm beds in a variety of moods with little tonal or musical content.

21st rock

21st Century Rock. Contemporary themes reflecting the current rock charts.

urban edge

Urban Edge. Contemporary urban music ranging from street wise gangsta rap to slick pop chart hip hop.

upbeat guitar

Upbeat Guitar. Positive, guitar led themes in various tempos and feels.

future sound

Future Sound. Techno of the future. Complex textures and poly-chords with engaging beats.

Thursday, October 9

rural v 1

Ruralia Vol. 1: Acoustic. Acoustic country and bluegrass themes, some with an unusual dramatic sense.

rural v 2

Ruralia Vol. 2: Electric. Combines the traditional sound palette of Southern rock and swamp blues with more contemporary sounds.


Rhythms of Rio. A wide variety of uptempo tracks based on Brazilian rhythms, ranging from traditional to contemporary to orchestral.

quirky indie

Quirky Indie Pop. Quirky pop themes in the style of today’s most beloved indie artists.

trip hop

Trip Hop. Acid soul tripped out. Experimental back beats, laid back and smooth.

Friday, October 10

playful spots

Playful Spots. Playful and quirky tracks perfect for contemporary advertising spots.

edm monsters

EDM Monsters. Cutting edge electronic dance music ranging from dubstep over complextro to moombahton.


Organic and Acoustic. Positive themes featuring acoustic instruments and a natural organic feel.

pop affirmation

Pop Affirmation. Upbeat, light pop themes featuring a mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentation.

hjigh octane promo

High Octane Promo. Massive amounts of energy have been funneled into this collection of fast paced, action packed tracks.

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