This Week’s Featured Updates: August 12th, 2019


Monday August 12th, 2019

Concert Halloween

Rock Metal V 2

Positive Thoughts

Americana Blues

Multi Genre Holiday Vocals

Transitions – Future Bass V 7

Tuesday August 13th, 2019

Colliding Rhythms 2

Commercially Pop

Retro Dance Party

Electric Pop Straight Ahead

Discoteca – Deep House V 2

Rock – Cheerleader Pop Rock

Wednesday August 14th, 2019

Raise Your Game

On The Porch

Hypnotic Attraction – Urban Chill

Hip Hop – Old School Hip Hop 2

Good Old Fashioned Rock & Roll

Comedy Quirky 9

Thursday August 15th, 2019

Gypsy Swing

Planet Pop V 1

Ragtime Christmas (Sounds of New Orleans)

LA Sunshine – Future Pop

Get Funky Drama 6

Shorties – Evil Sound Design

Friday August 16th, 2019

Into The Dark Woods

Horror Stories – FX

Happy’s Road Trip

Love Tronic

Danger Trap V 3

Crazy Rock Solo Shred Guitar

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