This Week’s Featured Updates: May 18, 2015



Monday, May 18

country crossroads

Country Crossroads. Country For All Modern, Classic, Indie & Alt Styles merge on the Country road.

edm supermix

EDM Supermix. EDM tracks blending Trance & Progressive Electro, New Slance plus classic synth combos.

hipster rock 1

Hipster Rock: Positive 1. Hip, confident and carefree rock tracks perfect for any upbeat commercial underscore.

dirty south 4

Dirty South Hip Hop Vol. 4. Mid-to-down tempo street tracks.

tv ads

Best of Pop Rock 2 (Shorts for TV Ads.) A quick taste of some lively pop rock for retail beds.

Tuesday, May 19

lifestyle 6

Lifestyle Vol.6 Summer Spectrum. Fresh small ensemble tracks featuring acoustic/electric guitars, piano, keyboards and light rhythm section. Coast road cruising!

built to rock

Built To Rock. Rocking Riffs, Soulful Jams, Bluesy Grooves and Pop Hooks that take you everywhere From The Beaches of SoCal To The Deep South.


Bassdrops + Lollipops. Larger than life, colorful electronic dance. Big four to the floor beats with bright synths that bounce and drop. House and Electro that gets the club moving or attention caught. Includes 60, 30, 15, 10 second edits, stings and stems.

ambient chill

Ambient Chill Vol.6 Creation and Flow. Cool grooves & ambient textures for creative design, nature & the elements. Expand your mind!


Soulfunkisticated. oulful and funky numbers guaranteed to get you moving.

Wednesday, May 20


Swampy. Bayou infused, swampy blues tracks filled to the brim with Southern attitude & bravado.

zany zone

Zany Zone Vol.3 Cute and Quirky. A collection of catchy tunes from cute to quirky. A musical supermarket!

pop nonstop

Pop Nonstop. Top-40 mixes and dance DJ rhythms provide the soundtrack to the trendiest epic club parties.


Reggae. Catchy island tunes perfect for the summer.

trap step

Trap Step. Hard beats with an aggressive feel.

Thursday, May 21

club dance party 1

Club Dance Party 1. You’ll feel Confident, Bold and Ready to Party after listening to this album with Heavy Synth Dance Elements!

acoustic claps

Acoustic Claps. Happy and infectious rhythmic tracks featuring light pop rock with hand claps. Plenty of mixouts and cutdowns.

vintage rock

Vintage Rock. Retro: Intentionally reminiscent of days gone by, yet still fresh and vibrant while connecting with music of the past.


Believe. Sparkling emotive indie-pop.

hip hop

Hip Hop. Lots of street stuff here, engaging and authentic.

Friday, May 22

Just before the long weekend, we’re trotting out the entirety of a new Sound Design Library, Forza Sound Design. This is a powerful toolkit of non-musical, long form sound design themes, textures, atmospheres and drones.  Give it a listen for something completely different!

1 2 3 4 deep drones bright atmospheres

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