This Week’s Featured Updates: May 11, 2015



eliasWe’re excited to welcome one of the industry’s most awarded broadcast music companies to the Alpha family, Elias Arts Music.

The Elias Music Library says it “has changed the way people think about music libraries by offering one-of-a-kind game changing tracks that redefine the pre-composed production music market; an authentic, enduring, original repertoire from one of the most respected music composition companies in the world.”

In other words, this is good stuff, guys.

You’ll find plenty of stems and cutdowns for each track; tracks that you’ll recognize from Super Bowl spots like “Game Of War.” We think you’ll find Elias will be one of your go-to libraries when searching for that next killer commercial bed.

We’ll be featuring Elias releases all week with more coming in the weeks ahead – check them out here.


Monday, May 11

play to win

Play To Win Vol. 2. Driving, Determined & Aggressive themes underscore the “fight hard or go home” mentality.

swampy 2

Swampy Vol. 2. Bayou infused, swampy blues tracks filled to the brim with Southern attitude & bravado.

positive pulse

Positive Pulse. Uplifting and optimistic rock/pop styes reflecting today’s most popular indie music trends.

alt means

Alternative Means Vol. 2. Shredding guitar licks and chunky power chords rule over this collection of alternative and hard rock anthems.

swing hard

Swing Hard and Speak Easy Vol. 2. Grab your gal and hit the town with this installment of vintage jazz styles of yesteryear.

Tuesday, May 12

pop life

Pop Life Vol. 1. All the glitz, glamour, style and sophistication that drives pop culture today.


80’s. A collection of authentic 80’s tracks crossing all genres that will make your project totally awesome!


Summertime Soundtrack. Capture the essence of summer and all of it’s splendor with our eclectic “fun in the sun” collection.


Road To Nashville. Head on down the highway with this collection of country classics and down-home ditties.

hip hop 2

Hip Hop Hits Vol. 2. An evolving hip hop collection that captures the classic feel and sounds of 90’s jams through today’s biggest hip hop hits.

Wednesday, May 13

acoustic ele

Acoustic Elegance. Featuring acoustic guitar with just the right amount of luxury and sophistication.


Heartland Highway. Its time to hit the road with this collection of blues, rock & country tunes that put the heart in Heartland.

indie arch

Indie Architecture. Anthemic and melodic rock and electro tracks representing the the top styles in popular indie music.


Kitschy. A collection of quirky and cheesy tracks straight from the finest hotel lobbies and elevators.

dream pop

Dream Pop. Ambient and moody indie pop & rock tracks for the introspective dreamer in all of us.

Thursday, May 14

party starters

Party Starters. Crank Up The Music and pop the champagne! This collection is sure to get the party started.


Grit & Swagger. Bluesy, Swampy , Edgy Rock & Electronica Collide To Create A Gritty Collection Packed With Swagger.

no worries

No Worries. Take a vacation! These laid back, easy-going grooves are the ultimate soundtrack to your perfect getaway.


Soul Sensations. Classic and Neo-Soul grooves punctuated with live horns deliver a soul satisfying experience.


Sunshine Days. Light bright and full of fun, a collection of carefree ditties guaranteed to highlight the perfect day.

Friday, May 15

commercial success

Commercial Success. Frozen Smile: Fun, happy, and overly positive music for leisure times, vacation, or always looking on the bright side of life.


Travel The World. Joyous international flavors from around the globe openly welcoming visitors with an authentic ethnic panache.

having a good time

Having A Good Time. Guaranteed to bring a smile, this is happy, energetic, fun, and occasionally quirky sounds for a sunny carefree day.

on the scene

On The Scene. Electro and shimmering rock tracks highlight this collection of the best sounds emerging from the indie scene today.


Organic Optimism. Positive and thoughtful acoustic themes designed to brighten the cloudiest of days.

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