New Music This Week: April 6, 2015



Monday, April 6

good feeling

Good Feeling. Acoustic instrumental tunes to light orchestral themes.

country trash

Country Trash. A brilliant display of contemporary country styles and moods.


Energizer. Driving rock anthems. Strong and decisive with positive leans.

electro party

Epic Electro Party Vol. 1. Epic party-your-ass-off EDM instrumentals.

urban grooves

Urban Grooves. Grooving urban electronica.


Tuesday, April 7

vintage rock

Vintage Rock & Roll. Nostalgic rock, doo wop and raucous high school tracks.

funky breakbeat

Funky Breakbeat. Funky 70’s grooves with uptempo percussion, retro, vintage and fun.

cheerful folk 1

Cheerful Folk Vol. 1. Uplifting, heartwarming, fun and emotional; good ol’ fashioned folk themes.

latino g rap

Urban Hip-Hop Vol. 1: Latino G-Rap. Tough, Latin-influenced hip-hop. Instrumentals and vocal versions.

light tension 5

Light Tension Vol. 5. Uncertain, tense and nervous tracks.


Wednesday, April 8


Americana. Americana music from the deep south. Country, swamp rock, and bluegrass.

instant happiness 2

Instant Happiness 2. Keeping it light and bright with carefree melodies and happy times.

spanish guitar

Spanish Guitar. Small latin jazz combo featuring classical guitar. Travel, romance and elegance.

rocking adrenaline

Rocking Adrenaline Vol. 1. Heavy rock and metal that will bother your neighbors.

epic kingdom'

Epic Kingdom Trailer Music Vol. 2. Just a reminder – “Game Of Thrones” is launching a new season.


Thursday, April 9

symphonic metal

Symphonic Metal. A unique combo of intense metal married to epic orchestra.

full throttle

Full Throttle. Hard and heavy rock’n’roll, classic and southern rock.

cool party

Cool Party – Deep House and Bar Grooves. The DJ’s playing in the coolest bar in town…

piano bar 1

Piano Bar Vol. 1. Light lounge jazz and kitsch.

jmuisiz 1

Jmusiz Hip Hop And EDM Instrumentals Volume One. Driving EDM and tasty urban street beats.


Friday, April 10

vintage jazz

Vintage Fun & Feelgood Jazz. Romantic and witty jazz treatments; vocal and instrumental versions.

cinematic stingers

Cinematic Action Stingers V2. Orchestral stingers for bumpers, transitions, ins and outs.

r&b beats

R&B Beats and Backing Tracks. Smooth to energetic R&B; lots of funk as well as urban beats.

down and dirty 2

Down and Dirty Vol. 2. Aggressive and sexy EDM – for the devious partygoer.


Sports. Energetic party rock and victorious themes.


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