New Music This Week: March 30, 2015


New Library Alert: LabHits Music

labhitsThis week we’re proud to introduce you to LabHits Music. LAB HITS has provided top quality music to production companies, music supervisors and industry related specialists. Now they’re pleased to add radio to the mix.

Their wide range of award winning producers, artists and musicians have worked with industry top names including J-Lo, Coolio, Jessica Simpson, KC and the Sunshine Band, Charlie Daniels Band and many more.


Monday, March 30

cheerful folk 3

Cheerful Folk Vol. 3. Fun, cheerful, energetic folk/country that makes you smile.

another night

Another Night. Laidback, sexy R&B grooves that create sensual, romantic, chill moods.

vintage comedy

Vintage Comedy Classics. From classic cartoon capers to outrageous slapstick, covers the cartoons, silent movies and early talkies of the 20s, 30s and 40s

dance euphoria


urban groove

Urban Groove. Urban beats full of life and energy.


Tuesday, March 31

commercial cuts

Commercial Cuts 9. Creative short cuts for all promos, radio, tv and internet advertising.

down and dirty 1

Down and Dirty Vol. 1. Aggressive and sexy instrumentals for the devious partygoer.

indie rock 1

Indie Rock Vol. 1. A blend of rock, soul and attitude. Instrumental and vocal versions.

trap instrumentals

Trap Instrumentals. Tough yet seductive unban street beats.

drama tension 2

Drama – Tension 2. Tense action/adventure tracks.


Wednesday, April 1

festival 2

Festival 2. Returning for more beers, sunshine and mud, you’ll love this line-up of EDM and rock.

audio allsorts

Audio Allsorts 6. Volume 6 of an ever expanding musical pick ‘n’ mix of pre-releases and one off gems.

island dance 1

Island Dance Vol. 1. Festive island music that takes you away to a luscious tropical paradise.

urban pop 1

Urban Pop Reality Vol. 1. Energetic, uplifting and feelgood urban pop.

rock 3

Rock (Instrumentals) 3. More tasty rock gems.


Thursday, April 2

classical guitar conv

Classical Guitar Conversations. Classical guitar in a variety of styles including Romantic, Folk, Celtic, Blues.

jump start

Jump Start The Party. Energetic EDM/Pop created by Southern California’s Speaker Junkies.

hip hop attitude

Hip Hop Attitude Vol. 1. Aggressive hip hop with defiant attitude and street swagger.

landscape gardens

Landscape Gardens. Spring is here – light pastoral themes.

david mal

Instrumental Artists – David Malinich. Metal, metal and more metal.


Friday, April 3

hip hop tension

Hip Hop Tension Vol. 1. Hip Hop beats with dramatic tension building melodies.

emotional folk

Emotional Folk Vol. 1. Emotional and reflective traditional folk themes.

dream discover

Dream, Discover, Explore. Bright, strong and driving themes of wide eyed wonderment and excitement.

spy law

Spy/ Law/ Crime Vol 02. Mysterious and suspicious themes; lots of intrigue.

jazz bossa 2

Jazz Bossa. Smooth Jazz in all sorts of flavors.


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