New Music This Week: March 23, 2015



Monday, March 23

extreme 2

Extreme 2. Powerful rock and hard techno/dance, action and adventure.


Absence of Gravity. Tough, edgy electro-hip hop, hard-core.


Impact: Sound Design Elements. An extensive collection of over one thousand sound design elements.

woodstock generation

Woodstock Generation. Hippie-dippy classic rock tracks.

ad spots

Ad Spots. Tracks for branding and retail spots.


Tuesday, March 24

retro party

Retro Party. Upbeat, unique retro comedy with groovy melodies and bouncy strings.

adult contemp

Adult Contemporary Instrumentals, Vol. 1. Breezy, smooth contemporary tracks.

edm 1

EDM 1. Exciting techo assault tracks and hyper clubbing themes.

R&B queens

R&B Queens (Instrumentals). The sound of night life.

drama tension 1

Drama – Tension 1. Mysterious and suspenseful.


Wednesday, March 25

world pop

World Pop. Pop-inspired world beat cues from various European and Asian countries.

simple 2

Keep It Simple 2: Thoughtful, Reflective, Motion. Light, simple cues.

brit rock 1

Brit Rock Vol. 1. Takes you back to the 60’s and 70’s when Rock was cool, man.

dez 6

Dez and Panuah Hip Hop Tracks Vol. 6. Definitive urban/sports beats.


Bluegrass. Tasty collection of light acoustic bluegrass.

big movie

Big Movie Symphonic Percussion Vol. 2. Tonal drums and tribal grooves.


Thursday, March 26

deep in blue

Deep In Blue. Uptempo, feel-good, indie anthems with driving synth lines.

afrcian groobes

African Grooves. A fusion of authentic African themes with contemporary dance beats.

chill out 6

Chill Out 6. Funky and fun nonchalant jazz/chill grooves; very laid back.

street beats 1

Street Beats Vol. 1. Intruiging and smooth hip-hop cues.


minimal 4

Minimalism 4. Modern classical and chamber pop.


Friday, March 27

building inspriation

Building Inspiration 3. Building to an inspiring climax. Clean yet powerful.

essential house

Essential House. Sun-kissed house beats, including funky, beach, Latin and deep house.

latin music

Latin Music Vol. 1. Engaging and rhythmic Latin themes in a variety of styles and tempos.


Bumpers & Sweepers Vol. 1. A thorough collection of musical sound design elements.

pop indie

Pop Indie 2. Hipster guitar vibes and rock themes.


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