New Music This Week: March 2, 2015



Monday, March 2

drama hip hop 4

Dramatic Hip Hop Vol. 4. Introspective and emotional urban tracks.

rock classic

Rock (Classic) 3. Fun and high energy classic rock. Vibrant and vigorous.

new releases

New Releases 2. Dramatic pop/dance and aggressive electronica.

club charts

Club Charts Vol. 2. Bringing you the latest in chart busting contemporary dance tracks.

mecha action

Action – Mecha Action. Hybrid action drama. Heroic and dynamic.

Tuesday, March 3

teen tv

Teen TV. Young and carefree pop rock. Great for Spring Break!


Swagger: Trailers With Attitude. Grungy guitar riffs, bombastic drum grooves and walking bass lines.

dark country

Dark Country. Alternative country tracks oozing dusty atmospheres and sinister moods.

orch strings

Orchestral Strings 1. Elegant and thought orchestral arrangements.

dez 5

Greg Tanoose Hip Hop and Urban Instrumentals. Unusual trap and urban treatments.

Wednesday, March 4

acoustic pop 3

Acoustic Pop 3. Contemporary, upbeat acoustic pop songs and instrumentals


Retro Jukebox. 1950s soul and rock & roll from the heyday of rhythm & blues.


The Sounds of Innovation. Corporate progress and success. Inspiring to playful.


Reflective Piano. Graceful and contemplative piano leads.


Funk (Instrumentals) 2. Good time 70s-flavored funk.

Thursday, March 5

drive time rock 2

Drive Time Rock 2. Classic to contemporary rock, this album is packed full of driving rock.

happy pills

Eclectic Electronica – Happy Pills Vol. 1. Happy and confident tracks.

inspire 2

Inspire to Go Higher Vol. 2. Bold and cinematic themes with a sports rock edge.

dez 5

Dez and Panuah Hip Hop Tracks Volume 5. More urban sports tracks.


MIddle East Turkey Kurdistan. A portrait of the Middle-East with historical acoustic instruments from Turkey and Kurdistan.


Middle East Lebanon Syria. A portrait of the Middle-East with historical acoustic instruments from Syria & Lebanon with authentic songs & solo instrumentals.

Friday, March 6


British Isles Hymns & Airs. Just making sure there’s a version of “Danny Boy”


Tango. Classic tango, tango nuevo and new arrangements of other well-known themes.

odd ends

Odd & Ends: Promos & Bumpers V. 1. Great bumper music in a variety of genres.


R&B (Classic) 3. Funky and soulful classic R&B.

up beat pop

Up Beat Pop. Infectious EDM and club beats.

up beat pop

TV Beats. Anxious urban and bouncy pop.

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