New Music This Week: March 16, 2015


New Library Alert: Chicago Music Library

chicagoTHE CHICAGO MUSIC LIBRARY is a world-class independent production music library with hard hitting, cutting edge and high quality material – produced by some of the top independent artists and composers from across the globe. Their catalog is extremely diverse with everything from indie pop, rock, and hip-hop to mystery/horror underscores and LIVE recorded classical. This week we are trotting out a sampler from this library, including 6 Radio Production albums of nothing but :30 retail beds in a variety of genres. There’s lots more to come from Chicago – check them out here.


Monday, March 16

disco soul

Disco Soul Vol. 1. Retro, upbeat disco and pop funk. Lots of fun.

cool rock

Cool Rock Instrumentals Vol. 1. Cool rock grooves with a blues take.

quirky hip hop

Quirky Hip Hop Vol. 2. Sneaky and wacky urban riffs and off the wall silliness.

modern country

Modern Country Vol. 1. Smooth and feel-good country themes.

radio production

Radio Production Music Vol. 1. A variety of :30 tracks in rock/drama genres.



Tuesday, March 17

keep simple 1

Keep It Simple, Vol. 1: Innocent, Playful, Quirky. Light, simple, childlike cues.

catchy hooks 4

Catchy Hooks 4. Light rock themes for retail use.

copr rock

Corporate Rock Vol. 5. Folksy and funky rock tracks with a touch of jazz.

new orleans

New Orleans Speakeasy. Charming ragtime and burlesque themes.

radio production

Radio Production Music Vol. 2. Dramatic :30 retail themes.



Wednesday, March 18

big folk

Big Folk 2: Songs and Ditties. Contemporary folk rock and folk pop tracks.


Caribbean Vol. I Underscore. Happy and carefree Caribbean Island Music, Mon!

club hits 2

Club Hits Vol. 2. Bold and passionate club beats with spirited synth melodies.

bluesy rock

Bluesy Rock Instrumentals Vol. 2: Gypsy. Gritty blues and country rock.

radio production

Radio Production Music Vol. 3. :30 retail tracks in urban, funk, jazz and electronica.


Thursday, March 19

cool young

Cool, Young and Hip. Cheerful, warm and fun pop and dance tracks.

pop dance 2

Pop Dance 2. Uplifting house and anthemic indie pop themes.


Mystery & Magic. Fantastical orchestral arrangements inspired by fairy tales.

jail house

Jail House Rock (Instrumentals). Old-time rock with a roadhouse twist.

radio production

Radio Production Music Vol. 4. :30 electronic dance tracks.


Friday, March 20

classic funk

Classic Funk Vol. 1. 70s-flavored strutting funk with lots of attitude.

happy warm

Happy, Warm & Fuzzy. Light and breezy themes in a variety of genres.


Velvet Groovescapes. An eclectic collection of jazz-influenced tracks.

dez 5

Jeff Methe EDM And Hip Hop Instrumentals. Energetic street beats and club tunes.

radio production

Radio Production Music Vol. 5. Upbeat :30 electronica, funk, rock and ska.

radio production

Radio Production Music Vol. 6. :30 electronica and R&B with some Christmas and comedy thrown in.


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