New Music This Week: February 9, 2015


MILESTONE: Alpha Music Libraries sails past 600,000+ tracks!

Because that’s just the way we roll….

New Library Alert: Welcome Westar Music and Beat Xplosion!

westarThis week we’re pleased to welcome Westar Music, a solid retail-centric 13,000 track library from our friends at Sound Ideas. Westar runs the gamut on all musical genres, with mixouts for :60 and :30 spots. Give them a listen for unobtrusive but well-constructed material that easily takes a voiceover. A spot builders toolkit.

beat XWe ‘re also adding the three exciting debut albums of a brand new urban library, Beat Xplosion. Beat Xplosion comes on strong with fresh Hip Hop songs composed and produced by fixtures in the Rap community who have worked with the likes of Lil Wayne, Nas, Warren G, RZA (Wu Tang Clan), Busta Rhymes, Left Eye (TLC), KRS-One, Junior Reed and Giorgio Moroder. Look no further for the best in modern trending Hip Hop styles as well as Old School, East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, Trap and everything in between!

Oh, yeah, and on Tuesday we’re releasing a solo piano album from some guy named Rick Wakeman…


Monday, February 9


We Came To Party. Get past the bouncer, head to your VIP table, bottle service and hotties await! Hip Hop, R&B and Electro Pop anthems to fuel the all-night party.


Swag City. Confident Rap and Hip Hop about being the greatest in the game. Fresh styles from East Coast, West Coast, Trap, Old School and everything in between.


Straight Gangsta. Authentic Gangsta Rap with songs about life on the street, police brutality, gangs, crime, hustling, and surviving the thug life.

blues sleek

Blues – Sleek & Stylish. Sleek and stylish electric guitar that sings the blues.


Romantic – Wistful & Warm. Tender tracks for last minute V-Day spots.

Tuesday, February 10


Pioneers 3: Rick Wakeman. Melodic piano cues from some guy you may have heard of.

new country

New Country – Rockin’ & Edgy. Contemporary rockin’ new country with an edge.

let it ride

Let It Ride. Smooth, Street-Smart, Sexy Rock and Electronic/Funk cues.

rock on the east side

Rock – On The Easy Side. Mellow Guitar Rock, upbeat and breezy.

dance pop 2

Pop/Dance 2. Soaring synth pop melodies, piano cameos, high energy, feelgood vibes and of course, pounding, driving dance beats.

Wednesday, February 11

fun stuff

Fun Stuff. Good times, laugh out loud eccentricity, crazy comical capers and bouncy kids letting loose

surf rock

Surf / Rock – 60s and 70s Styles. Spring Break’s coming! Surf and rock combo music evoking the 60s and 70s

world colors

World Colors. World beat music combining musical elements of one or several world cultures with western sensibilities

extreme sports

Extreme Sports. Meaty and aggressive sports rock.

prod musical

Production Elements – Musical Elements. Musical production elements including bumpers, pads, pulsers, transitions & theme variations

Thursday, February 12

classic rock 4

Rock 4: Classic Rock. Driving classic rock with a late 60s-early 70s feel.

rnb solid

Rhythm / Blues – Solid & Funky. Funk, funk, funkity funk. Can you dig it?

popstyles 4

PopStyles 4. Contemporary chart pop, from uplifting soul and synth pop to electrifying dance and modern power ballads.

emotional hip hop

Emotional Hip Hop Vol. 4. Keep smiling and celebrate the good times.

latin pop

Latin Pop – Passionate & Carefree. Passionate, carefree, brooding and flirtatious Latin pop.

Friday, February 13

celtic traditions

Celtic Traditions. Because of that thing that happens next month…

celtic memories

Celtic Memories. You know, that holiday, what’s it called again?

celtic laments

Celtic Laments & Celebrations. It’s right on the tip of my tongue…

casual guitar

Casual Guitar. Acoustic guitar arpeggios and riffs playing both ”solo” and over a light rhythm section creating a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere.

broadcast news

News – Broadcast News. Themes, openers, bumpers, promos and closers for broadcast news, weather & sports.

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