New Music This Week: February 23, 2015


New Library Alert: Welcome Airplay, Heavy Promos and Music of the Sea!

We think we’ve pretty much outdone ourselves this week with some amazing new libraries joining the Alpha lineup.

We have a brand spanking new library designed specifically for radio, Airplay. Airplay makes it’s debut with 8 strong albums featuring a winning mix of beds, beats, stem mixes and imaging elements. You’re going to want to hear more from these guys. We’ll be releasing new Airplay albums each day this week – be sure to give them a listen.

heavyHeavy Promos is a supercharged collections of trailer promo albums, interspersed with some terrific rock, R&B and EDM. Be sure to check out their Indie Riffs albums this Monday and their UK R&B album on Tuesday – some of the best horn funk we’ve heard in a while. You can check out the rest of the Heavy Promos collection here.
music sea
Music of the Sea loves contemporary urban and makes no bones about it. We’ll be releasing a variety of MOTS hip-hop over the next month or so – this week check out the Urban Sports selections from Dex and Panuah (“Dez” being James Desmond of the popular Beatclock collection). Written for ESPN and the NBA, Music of the Sea features grooves composed by fixtures in the Rap community who have worked with the likes of Lil Wayne, Nas, Warren G, RZA (Wu Tang Clan), Busta Rhymes, Left Eye (TLC), KRS-One, Junior Reed and Giorgio Moroder.


Monday, February 23

feelgood indie

Feelgood Indie. Full-on, feelgood indie guitar rock with energy and power.

prod kit 2

Producer’s Kit 2. Contest/quiz workparts and full news suites with travel and sports mixes.

pop 3

Pop: Positive 1. Energetic and upbeat pop mixes with dance beats. Positive and confident.

indie rock 3

Indie Riffs. Exciting sports anthems, cocky distorted guitar riffs and pounding rock drums pack this album of edgy instrumental rock tunes.


Blues (Instrumentals) 6. Hard delta blues and a variety of swamp-laden cuts.

music sea

Raymond Luminais Hip Hop Instrumentals. Impulsive and positive hip hop youth glam.

Tuesday, February 24

feelgood pop

Feelgood Pop. Fresh, bright, contemporary chart pop with precise radio edits and stem mixes.

uk r&B

UK R&B – Urban v2. Classic R&B, Motown and rock & roll vibes roll out in these passionate and fun tunes.


Organica Vol 3 – Ethnica. Instruments from all around the world are used in unique and refreshing contexts resulting in a collection of positive, organic music with an exotic flair.

indie folk

Indie Folk. Folk/Acoustic/Indie cues with a light touch.

music sea

Dez And Panauh Hip Hop Tracks Volume Four. Urban Sports tracks from James Desmond and Panuah.

Wednesday, February 25


Surge – Electro Vibes Vol. 2. Modern Electronica Promo Music Grooves.

radio blasts

Radio Blasts. Rock, indie, dance/club and acoustic nu-folk, sharp and ready for radio.

radio vocals

Radio Vocals. Short vocal hooks for radio commercials: top and tail vocals with instrumentals and vocal only stems.


Fantasy – Magical Fantasy. Whimsical and intriguing magical melodies, some with holiday versions.

music sea

Dez And Panauh Hip Hop Tracks Volume Two. More Urban Sports from James Desmond.

Thursday, February 26


Upbeats. Driving, upbeat energy and movement in pop, EDM and electro.

bad attitude

Bad Attitude. Alternative Indie Rock Promo Music. And, yes, it has an attitude.


Epic Dreampop. Soaring, ever building themes of inspiration and awe. Big and bold with dreamy ethereal elements.

music sea

Dez And Panauh Hip Hop Tracks Volume Three. More Urban Sports from James Desmond and Panuah.


Electronic – Experimental Electro. Hipster experimental electro-indie tracks.

Friday, February 27

modern classics

Modern Classics. Contemporary Modern Rock Promo Music

nu disco

Nu Disco. Nu-disco and retro funk flavours fused with glossy electro grooves.

pro kit 1

Producer’s Kit. Imaging and sound design fx: hits, impacts, tails, swipes, stops, lasers and production elements.

drama chron

The Drama Chronicles. Lush and elegant orchestral themes for dramatic situations. Cinematic and sweeping. From warm to epic.

music sea

Dez And Panauh Hip Hop Tracks Volume One. More Urban Sports from James Desmond and Panuah.

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