New Music This Week: February 2, 2015



Monday, February 2

chop shop 2

Chop Shop 2. Hard, classic and southern rock and metal, all with broadcast lengths.

peaceful guitar

Peaceful Guitar. Delicate and gentle acoustic guitar themes. Peaceful and contemplative.

editors 3

Editors Essentials Volume 3. A variety of drones and sound design elements.

urban beat

Urban Beat. An exciting and addictive mix of Hip Hop, Trance, New Jungle, and Lounge.

lo fi blues

Lo-Fi Blues 1. Dirty, gritty rock, blues and country.

lo fi blues

Lo-Fi Blues 1: Holiday Mixes. Holiday versions of previous album.

Tuesday, February 3

indie rock 1

Indie Rock 1. Cute, Content and mostly Encouraging Indie Rock with Sentimental Electric and Acoustic Guitar moments and Playful Melodies

upright bass

Upright Bass Elements. Upright Bass and trap set stingers ranging from 9 to 16 seconds in length for bumpers, transitions, ins and outs.

pure pop

Pure Pop. Hopping from irresistibly bouncy boy band pop to urban infused bangers and effervescent dance pop. Instrumentals and vocals.

dark electronica 2

Dark Electronica 2. Uneasy lies the head…

dramatic underscore

Dramatic Underscore. Dark and dramatic themes.

Wednesday, February 4

alt rock 3

Rock 3: Alternative Rock. Sincere alt rock with attitude, bittersweet to ballsy.

oriental beats

Oriental Beats. Middle East-flavored hip hop and R&B.

eletroc dubstep 2

Electro/Dubstep 2. A diverse collection of gritty dubstep and flashy, youthful dance.

breaking news

Breaking News. Fast and impactful music for the world of news, the economy and current affairs.


Lullabies. Classic lullabies encouraging yawns, heavy eyelids and sweet dreams.

Thursday, February 5

quirky organ

Quirky Organ Dynamite. An eclectic explosion of organ-driven quirk.


Mariachi 1. Authentic Mexican mariachi themes. Lots of horns.

fashion house

Fashion House. A cool compilation where urban street style meets effortless glamour.

rock pop 3

Rock (Pop) 3. Assured and energetic pop rock.

sport contest

Sport Contest. Positive energy, exciting riffs and epic rhythms in Rock, Funky, Electronic and Orchestral atmospheres dedicated to Sport Events.

Friday, February 6


Percussion. Percussive underscores ranging from driving orchestral tension to junkyard stomps.

advertsing scores

Advertising Scores Vol. 1. Hybrid dramatic themes for advertising.

real trap

Real Trap Sh*t. Snappy 808s and synths come together in the latest EDM sensation, inspired by dirty south hip hop..

sounds like trouble 3

Sound Like Trouble 3. Frantic, driving and aggressive themes.

rock indie 3

Rock / Indie 3. Upbeat Rock/Indie themes in a variety of moods.

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