New Music This Week: January 5, 2015


New Library Alert: 411 Music Group

411This terrific library is an independent powerhouse with a worldwide signature. 411 prides itself with “the most distinctive, highly specialized group of writers in the industry.  From Dance Pop, to Rock, to Dubstep, to Classical, our unparalleled team of writers encompasses all genres of music.” Give them a listen here!


Monday, January 5

pop of the charts

Off The Charts: Rock and Pop. Vibrant and diverse collection of top 40 anthems.


Rock n’ Roll in the 50s. Fun and lively classic rock and roll. Boogie woogie and rockabilly.

urban swag

Urban Swag City. Hard hitting, dramatic urban tracks with an element of danger.

blues 1

Blues Vol. 1. Cool, Smooth, Laid Back and Suave Blues

dramatic pisno

Drama – Dramatic Piano. Mysterious, cinematic piano.

Tuesday, January 6


Legendary Movies. A tribute to the great epic & family films.

acoustic pop 1

Acoustic Pop. Uplifting and Reflective feel-good themes.


Dance/Top 40. Bold Club and DJ dance tracks.

soundtrack comedy

Soundtrack (Comedy) 2. Some zany screwball stuff.


Ballad (Instrumentals). Thoughtful downtempo rock.

Wednesday, January 7

hip hp 1

Hip Hop Vol. 1. Powerful and Sensitive Riffs and Beats

folk rock 1

Folk Rock. Comfortable folk/country.

jazz guitar ytio

Jazz Guitar Trio. A great jazz guitar album – adult and sophisticated.

media technology

Media and Technology. Medium energy technology cues conveying new discoveries and innovations.

punk rock

Rock – Punk Rock. You want to put that tattoo where?

punk rock

Rock – Punk Rock Holiday Mixes.

Thursday, January 8

hot bad and saxy

Hot, Bad and Saxy. Raw & thrashing guitar riffs & raunchy dirty lead tenor sax.

acoustic blues 1

Acoustic Blues. Backyard, porch stompin’, themes with a down and dirty vibe

country bumpers

Country Bumpers & Stingers. A huge collection of country-flavored imaging bits.

radio rock

Radio Rock Vol. 1. Triumphant and positive rock.

reality tension 8

Reality Tension Vol. 8. It’s real, and boy is it tense!

Friday, January 9

prgressive house

Progressive House. Hopeful and Upbeat Progressive House cues.


Flamenco Vol. 1. Lively, Sexy, Confident and Romantic music.

retro cool 2

Sounds Retro Cool 2. Funky and energetic R&B riffs, jazzy and cool.

screen pulse

Screen Underscores Vol. 5 – Pulse. Ambient and tense crime beds.

minimal drama

Minimal Drama. Sparse, repetitive mystery and drama.

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