New Music This Week: December 8, 2014



Monday, December 8

blues harmonica

Blues – Blues Harmonica. Killer bluesy rock harp with a roadhouse twang.

acoustic chill

Acoustic Chill. Light, calming acoustic guitar, tranquil and peaceful.

organica 2

Organica V2 Liquid States. Carefree and shimmering themes with a floating feel.


Electronic (Intrumentals). The DB guys take on EDM. Rhythmic and pulsating.

directors fx

Directors Choice FX Vol. 1. Explosive impacts, sound design.

Tuesday, December 9

pop vox

Pop Vox. Pop themes with a big hit feel. Vocals and instrumentals.

hip hop 7

Hip Hop R&B 7. Dangerous and driving urban themes. Bold and aggressive.

epic rock

Drama – Epic Rock. Hybrid of action rock and drama, heavy on the percussion.

sound tropical 2

Sounds Tropical 2. Happy and exotic tropical themes with a retro flair.

demented trib

Demented Sound Mafia: Tribulation. Slow builds and a dark, epic feel.

Wednesday, December 10

sountrack pop 2

Soundtrack (Pop) 2. Pulsating pop anthems with an urban feel. Dynamic and vibrant.

odds 1

Odds & Ends: Misc Instrumentals V1. A catch-all of different styles and genres.

dramedy queens

Dramedy Queens. Light and frothy themes with a mischievous twinkle.

down tempo 1

Down Tempo Electronica Vol. 1. Mysterious and atmospheric electronica.

inceptionl fx

Inceptional FX. Whooshes and sound design fx.

Thursday, December 11


Elimination! Anxious anticipation of the imminent decision.

dubstep drama

Dubstep Drama. Drama tracks that incorporate elements of dubstep.


Rock Uplifting Celebratory 2. Upbeat, triumphant rock anthems that soar.

sound design bt

BTM014 Sound Design. Hits and risers for sound design.

inspirational romantic

Inspirational & Romantic. Romantic and hopeful themes.


Friday, December 12

retro electro

Retro Electro. Retro synth electronica with an indie 80s flavor.

dark distroted 1

Dark, Dirty & Distorted. Dark and dramatic rock cues with caustic and abrasive tones.

square pegs 1

Eclectic Electronica: Square Pegs Vol. 1. Techno electronica with a funky aggressive feel.

vintage jazz 1

Jazz: Vintage Jazz Sounds Vol. 1. 50s and 60s lounge jazz.

pressure pulses

Pulses – Pressure Pulses. Tense pulses for inventive sound design.

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