New Music This Week: December 1, 2014


New Library Alert: Lesterbeat Records

lesterbeatSometimes up pops a library that’s just plain fun! 5 Alarm’s Lesterbeat Records focuses on quirky and retro tracks as well as big band instrumentals. They specialize in “inventive” arrangements of public domain material, i.e. classical music. We introduced  Lesterbeats’ Christmas music and R&B last week – be sure to take a listen to the rest of the unique albums we’re putting up over the next few days. A true one-of-a-kind boutique collection; check out Lesterbeats here.


Monday, December 1

i know this soing

Hey, I Know This Song! V. 1. Big Band versions of classical favorites. A hoot!

game on

Game On. Larger than life sports cues will ignite any spot with energy and power.

tech pop

Tech Pop. A collection of light, minimalist hi-tech pop cues perfect for any technology themed spot.

background beats

Background Beats 1 & 2. Lots of street beats and urban riffs.

hip hop r&B 6

Hip Hop R&B 6. Confident and determined urban and R&B cues.

Tuesday, December 2


The Kitschy Quirky Kooky Sounds of The 50s, 60s, 70s. Quirky, fun retro sounds.

rock:classic 3

Rock / Classic (Instrumentals) 3. Classic/southern rock with a downhome feel.

toontime 1

ToonTime Vol. 1. Silly pratfalls and slapstick tracks bring back Saturday morning memories.

short cuts 3

Short Cuts 3. Dramatic and varied suspenseful punches.

haunting piano 1

Mysterious – Haunting Piano 1. Minimal and tense dramatic renditions.

Wednesday, December 3

classic jazz

Classic Jazz. Cocktail Hour with a twist – lounge jazz versions of classical themes.

west coast hip hop 4

West Coast Hip Hop Vol. 4. Urban themes in a variety of moods, melancholy to playful.

rock indie

Rock (Indie). Gritty indie rock. 138 themes with lot of spirit and dynamic energy.

light tension

Light Tension & Suspense 1. Medium tempo, minimalist drama themes.

up tempo electornica 5

Up Tempo Electronica 5. Aggressive techno rave and house beats.

Thursday, December 4

electro swing

Electro Swing. Songs From “Hey, I Know This Song!” remixed for funky fun!

country songwriters

Country Songwriters Vol. 1. Contemporary country songs, with instrumentals and vocals.

televison beds

Unscripted Television Beds. Cool and hypnotic themes that paint serene pictures.

action rises 3

Action Rises 3. Pulsing rhythmic action risers with FX. Tense.

sunshine 2

Sound Like Sunshine 2. Happy and playful light themes to put a bounce in any retail spot.

Friday, December 5

sounds like indie rock

Sounds Like Indie Rock 2. Guitar-driven rock/pop themes in a mix of styles and moods.

rocktrax 8

Rock & Blues: Rocktrax Vol. 8. Alt, punk and hard rock themes, great for sports.


Chillstep Electronica Vol. 1. Dreamy electonica with a Euro feel.

success 2

Success Stories 2. Uplifting cues conveying the strength to push forward and succeed.

celtic album

The Celtic Album. Traditional and contemporary Celtic tracks. Jigs and reels featuring fiddles and accordion, plus dramatic atmospheres.

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