New Music This Week: November 17, 2014


NEW LIBRARY ALERT: redCola/Economic Propaganda.

redcolaredCola is a hot LA production shop that has been making its name in film trailer industry (contributing to such small releases like this) as well as TV and advertising. “Economic Propaganda” is a retail-centric (obviously) library in a wide gamut of styles. And, with a name like that, how could we resist? Check out Economic Propaganda here.


Monday, November 17


Sounds Like The Holidays. Happy and playful original holiday themes.

big action

Rock On 5! Big Action Metal. Aggressive and powerful hard rock.


Positive and Motivational. Upbeat and positive themes for selling and promoting ideas

capp jingles

Country, Rock and Pop. Lots of country and rock riffs – really excellent!

phat beats 6

Phat Beats Vol. 6. Old school hip-hop meets club bangers.

Tuesday, November 18


Sound Like Indie Rock. Guitar-driven energetic themes with a taste of grunge.

shop 3

Urban: Hip Hop Shop Vol. 3. Anxious street beats deliver a variety of emotions.


Inspiration Series: Awakening. Thoughtful and inspirational themes to lift any spot.

blues rock

Blues 2: Blues Rock. Lots of country and blues fusion. Good times!

capp jingles

Jazz and Chill. Rambling, slinky and jazzy beds.

Wednesday, November 19


Nashville. Country songs of love and life instrumental and vocal versions.


Sounds Electric. Futuristic and exciting dance themes with a robotic feel.

success stories

Success Stories. Uplifting news cues conveying the strength to push forward and succeed.

electronica 3

Up Tempo Electronica Vol. 3. Aggressive house techno/electronica.

rock classic

Rock (Classic) 2. Dynamic classic/southern rock, vigorous and vibrant.

Thursday, November 20


Sounds Like Sunshine. Light, bright and positive tracks to sweeten any retail need.

nu rock

Nu Rock Electro-Clash. Gritty, somewhat abrasive electronica rock.

trap 2

Hip Hop – Trap 2. Hip hop trap with an EDM signature. Hope you like mixouts.

comedy 7

Quirky Comedy Vol. 7. Whimsical, playful and goofy. Loads of fun here.

rocktrax 6

Rock & Blues: RockTrax Vol. 6. Rock in a variety of styles: sports, punk, rockabilly.

Friday, November 21

action rises 2

Action – Action Rises 2. Exciting cinematic risers with orchestra and FX.

devil 1

Devil in the Garage Vol. 1. Chaotic garage rock, dangerous and raw.

mischief 2

Sounds Like Mischief. Playful and energetic themes, lots of rhythms and zaniness.

uplifting rock

Rock Uplifting Celebratory. Driving upbeat rock.

capp jingles

Drama, Movies and Romance. Sweeping orchestral themes.

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