New Music This Week: October 13, 2014



Monday, October 13

nothing but spots

Nothing But Spots Vol. 1. 30 second aggressive promo tracks. Lots of rock.

shades of rock

Shades of Rock Vol. 1. Upbeat rock perfect for ad campaigns.

uke tunes

Uke-Tunes. Playful, carefree cues featuring ukulele. Simple and fun.

holiday 3

Holiday 3. Relaxing versions of classic Christmas tunes.

country 11

Country 11. Modern country in a variety of styles.

Tuesday, October 14

good energy

Good Energy Vol. 1. Happy, innocent pop rock.


Chillout. Ambient Chill tracks. Beautiful to hypnotic.


Band Series – Paradise. Feel-good grooves designed to put a smile on your face.

latin flamenco

Latin: Caribbean, Cuban & Flamenco. Contemporary Latin treatments.

holly jolly

Holiday Vol. 2: Holly Jolly Christmas Collection. Swing versions of Christmas classics.

Wednesday, October 15

blood sweat

Blood, Sweat & Cheers. Determined sports rock.

fun fresh

Fun, Fresh & Positive. It’s exactly what the title says…

piano emotions

Piano Emotions. Emotional piano led drama themes in a wide range of moods


Horror Series – Venom. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

hip hop dramedy holiday

Hip-Hop Dramedy Beats. Playful and intriguing hip hop.

hip hop dramedy holiday

Hip-Hop Dramedy Beats – Holiday Mixes. Holiday version of previous album.

Thursday, October 16

acoustic americana

Acoustic Americana Vol. 1. Traditional acoustic country with a warm disposition.

twisted quartet

String Quartet Traditional Twisted. Some fun treatments of classical tunes.

hip hop shop 00

Urban: Hip Hop Shop Vol. 00. Tasty collection of modern hip-hop beats.

thrash metal

Thrash Metal. Frenetic and dark thrash metal cues. Aggression, action and hellfire.

spy beatz

Spy Beatz. Fun 60’s spy kitsch.

Friday, October 17


DubSteppa. Heavy duty energy highlights these electronica beats.

rocktrax 1

Rock & Blues: Rocktrax Vol. 1. 90s-flavored hard rock. Nasty.

style blues

Blues 1: Acoustic, Slide and Dobro. Lots of Delta Blues and feel-good bluegrass.

roaring 20s

The Roaring Twenties. Prohibition era tunes and ragtime.

groove cafe 7

Groove Cafe 7. 10 ultra-cool smooth tracks with edits.

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